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How to choose an alarm with multilok

How to choose an alarm with multilok

Even back in 1992 the Israeli companyMul-T-Lock Steels supply the Russian market antitheft mechanical locks for cars. Today, the company's products are manufactured in cooperation with the Czech firm Construct and is a double name.

Such a merger had a positive impact on the quality of locks and their popularity has only grown.

Heavy artillery on the protection of car

Mechanical antitheft system, firstly,should not be confused with alarms. When installing locks no interference in the car's electrical system. However, the security properties locks often even better than electronic systems. Secondly, the mechanical locks are mounted on the gearbox, steering column, or the hood. Open them only with a special key.
For each brand and model of the car is availablea type of lock that virtually nullifies any possibility of tampering or drilling the lock cylinder. To produce the same duplicate key (in case of loss) is possible only in the service center of the company Mul-T-Lock or Construct in the presence of all documents and a special card with a code. By the way, the presence of the card in the lock set speaks of his legal origin and fully protects against counterfeiting.

Three heroes of iron

The most popular is a mechanical lockProtection on the gearbox. Action anti-theft lock on the "mechanics" a little less useful than the automatic transmission. It is located at the rear of speed when closing the lock position of the shift lever. Then, if desired, the vehicle can be evacuated. When installing the lock on the automatic transmission, at the closing of the lever is in the Parking position, which makes the car completely immobilized. Now mainly used besshtyrevye gearshift locks itself when the pin is inside the box and opening / closing it is not necessary to get. The lock is very small and does not spoil the appearance of the interior.
The second most popular mechanical lockMul-T-Lock is a lock of the steering column (on the basis of its domestic "Garant" lock made). Lock prevents the crank wheel, at the same time it does not matter what position she is steering. Set locking the car console, with the position of the stopper completely prevents access to the terminal screws. A small minus of the steering lock can be regarded as limited access to it - even the owner of the car does not always succeed the first time to close the lock, because it has to do blindly. But the anti-theft effect is almost one hundred percent.
Mechanical locks are effective in the hoodunauthorized access, if the car is worth alarm. Usually hijackers first open the hood to strike or to disconnect the siren. Later thieves open the car itself. Castle on the hood does not do it, because it can be opened only from inside the car, and even search for the place of installation. The time when the larva is only installed in the glove compartment, are long gone.

The bigger, the better

Mechanical locks are the mostefficiency with car alarms. The greater the variety of anti-theft systems will be installed on the car, the more likely that such a "fancy" car will scare away thieves. When choosing and buying anti-theft locks Mul-T-Lock, give preference to the official suppliers and authorized service centers.
If you buy a new car in a largedealership, do not refuse the offer to put additional equipment. It employs certified professionals specially trained to install the mechanical anti-theft locks. This, incidentally, one of the conditions of cooperation Mul-T-Lock companies (Sonstruct).

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