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How to choose the air conditioner fortochny

How to choose the air conditioner fortochny

Window (fortochny) air conditioning is one of the most common and effective cooling methods.

Window air conditioners are used for cleaning the air from dust. These devices are characterized by their capacity and convenience.

To choose the best option, you should pay attention to some of the characteristics of the purchased device.


One of the most important characteristics of anywindow air conditioner is the power consumption. Accordingly, the higher the power setting, the greater the area he will be able to cool or, alternatively, to heat. Moreover, the higher the power of the device, the less power consumption. The fact that a more powerful air conditioning can be cooled in a short time and the required space in the thermostat switch mode, i.e. Support given temperature. For low-power devices cooling room it is a more complex process, and because such devices longer operate in the cooling mode, taking more energy. During hot weather, these air conditioners will not be able to cope with cooling and will work practically around the clock.

Noise level

The noise level is a measure to ensurecomfort in the apartment during the period of the air conditioner. In today's market indicators noise such devices rarely exceeds 50 dB, but it should be noted that sleep under the working air conditioner with the noise indicator for some people it becomes practically impossible. If you have a high sensitivity to surrounding noise, you should choose the device, whose noise performance relative to other instruments of the same capacity will be significantly lower.

Additional options

Additional functions allow air conditionersincrease the level of comfort during use. For example, greatly simplify the use of the device is easy to replace the presence or washable filters. The presence on and off the timer, temperature control, user-friendly control panel, air vents to adjust the cold air supply angle can also be a factor in favor of the choice of a particular model of a particular manufacturer. Another important factor may be the availability of power adjustment. In accordance with the rating, which is to be recorded in the specification to the air conditioner, it is necessary to determine the amount of electricity that will consume the device during operation.
Before choosing a conditioner should be implementedthe size of the windows and vents, which will be installed equipment. Air conditioners may differ in their size, but because it is important that the device setting is suitable for your window.

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