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How to choose an air conditioner


How to choose an air conditioner</a>

Window (air) air conditioning is one of the most common and effective methods of cooling.

Window air conditioners are used to clean air from dust. These devices differ in their power and convenience.

To find the best option, you should pay attention to some characteristics of the device you are purchasing.


One of the most important characteristics of anyThe window air conditioner is the power input. Accordingly, the higher the power of the installation, the larger the area it can cool or, conversely, heat. Moreover, the higher the power of the device itself, the lower the power consumption. The fact is that more powerful air-conditioners are able to cool the necessary room in a short time and switch to thermostat mode, i.e. Maintenance of the set air temperature. For low-power devices, cooling the room is a more complicated process, and therefore such devices last longer in cooling mode, taking more energy. During the hot weather, these air conditioners will not be able to cope with the cooling and will work almost around the clock.

Noise level

The noise level is an indicator for ensuringComfort in the apartment during the operation of the air conditioner. In today's market, the noise levels of such devices rarely exceed 50 dB, but it should be noted that it is almost impossible for some people to sleep under a working air conditioner with such a noise index. If you are very sensitive to ambient noise, you should choose a device whose noise performance relative to other devices of the same power will be significantly lower.

Additional options

Additional functions of air conditioners allowIncrease the level of convenience in operation. For example, the use of easily replaceable or washable filters will greatly simplify the use of the device. The presence of an on / off timer, control of air temperature, a convenient control panel, ventilation holes for adjusting the angle of cold air supply can also become a factor in favor of choosing a particular model from a particular manufacturer. Another important indicator may be the availability of an energy management system. According to the rating, which should be noted in the specification for the air conditioner, it is necessary to determine the amount of electricity that the device will consume in operation.
Before choosing an air conditioner,The size of the window and the window, in which the equipment will be installed. Air conditioners can differ in their size, and therefore it is important that the device on the parameters fit your window.

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