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How to choose an air conditioner


How to choose an air conditioner</a>

The appearance of the air conditioner and the brand of the manufacturer, of course, play an important role in the purchase of such equipment.

However, more attention should be given to the technical side, choosing the air conditioner that meets the needs of the owner and the operating conditions of this equipment.



Select the appropriate type of air conditioner. Stationary models can consist of one or two blocks. The first ones are usually installed in the opening of the window, so when buying such a model, make sure that the window opening is wide enough. More complex and expensive air conditioners of several units, which have additional functions, consist of an outdoor unit and at least one internal one, which is located in a cooled room. The internal module can be mounted on a wall or stand on the floor. There are mobile air conditioners that can be easily transferred from room to room.


Determine the required capacity of the air conditioner. This should be done at a rate of 1 kW per 10 sq. Km. Meters of the cooled zone. So, for a room of 25 square meters. Meters should choose an air conditioner with a capacity of at least 2500 watts. Also, household appliances affect the level of necessary power, each of them adds to the total amount of approximately 500 watts. If the power of the air conditioner is insufficient, its service life can be significantly reduced, as it will have to constantly work at the limit of its capabilities.


Give preference to those air conditioners thatWork with a low noise level. The comfortable level for the module installed inside the house is no more than 50 decibels, the external module can make a little louder noise - up to 60 decibels. In rooms where silence is especially important, for example in a study or in a nursery, the noise level should be minimal and not be more than 30 decibels.


Choose a model equipped with the ones you needAdditional functions. For example, the air conditioner can dehumidify air, which makes it much easier to breathe in rooms with high humidity. Also, the model can purify the air of dust and harmful odors, including from tobacco smoke. Some models are equipped with an ionization function, the purpose of which is air disinfection.

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