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LINEN for weakened hair oil

How to choose termoinstrument for repair

How to choose termoinstrument for repair

Building dryer (pistol) - is indispensable for repair termoinstrument.

Use it to hold tinning and soldering, it is necessary for welding plastic, laying linoleum, shrink film and a variety of other operations.

How to choose termoinstrument

If you decide to replenish its arsenalThermo-building tools, selecting the model notice the presence of a smooth function of temperature regulation. This option can significantly extend the possibility of building a hair dryer, and provide a more flexible approach to the material. Tools without this feature has several operating modes and switch, which provides a weak average and maximum heating.

Before buying a building the gun,check whether he has protection from overheating. It is important that when overheated dryer turns itself off, it will protect it from the fire, and the tool will regularly serve more than one year.

Some models are equipped with pistols functioncold blowing. Using this feature, you can cool the treated surface, and it saves time spent on the job. It is desirable that the hair dryer blowing cold had a second nozzle. Such a tool will last longer than the one in which this function is performed by the tool without heating spiral.

Choosing a hair dryer building, pay attention to his arm. If it is open, the hand will suffer from falling on it and splashes of molten material from the heated air.

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Nozzles for termoinstrumenta

Before you buy termoinstrument, think,a range of work you want to reach. If you are going to perform a few simple steps, fit the unit with a small amount nozzles. If you want your future mate could cope with a wide range of works, buy a model with a large number of tools and the ability to work with separately purchased nozzles.

Termoinstrumentov power ranges from 930 to 2300 watts. The higher it is, the faster the speed of the work.

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Each nozzle has its purpose. For example, a flat nozzle is necessary for air distribution. It is also used to defrost pipes, paint drying.

If hot air is necessary to concentrate onsome areas will suit a round tapered nozzle. With a narrow nozzle can be welded overlapping sheets of film. For this purpose, in place of the overlap blown airflow at 250-400oS. Thereafter, the product is rolled and the roll is checked for strength. If the seam is torn quickly, so you need to use air jet even hotter.

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