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How to choose tea

How to choose tea

For beginners to connoisseurs of this drink is not easy to choose the right product for a reasonable price.

After all, you need to pay attention to the nuances of which not all are aware.

A wide selection of brands and types of tea greatly complicatesthe process of selection of a good drink. I do not want to buy low-quality tea is tasteless, pay. How to sort out the assortment of tea departments?

External criteria for the selection of the drink

Natural. It is unacceptable the presence of dyes, preservatives, no additives and flavorings.
Freshness. The product should have a bright, but not sharp flavor.
The homogeneity of materials. It is better to give preference to their tea with about the same color and size of leaves.
The integrity of the leaves. From questionable granules, dust bags and powder reasonable to refuse.
Overflow, a light sheen of tea leaves. Their dullness indicates a poor quality product.
High content of tea buds and tender upper leaves.
Moisture content should be 4-6%. If this figure increased, mold can appear on the leaves. Too low humidity is fraught with the transformation of the product in the trash.
This characteristic can check ifgrind tea leaves between your fingers. Their spillage in the dust indicates that the product is too dry or has expired. Leaflets with normal humidity easily straightened, taking the original form, and with high - will not be returned to its original position.

Odor, which is not a good tea

Gar, soot. These fragrances are typical for over-dried products and indicate the factory marriage.
Metal. Foreign smell (fish, perfumes, food for dogs, etc.)

The choice of beverage on the International Classification of symbols displayed on the package

Orange Pekoe (OP). Sort leaf tea. This long thin leaves 0,8-15 cm kidney. Infusion long brewed, has a pale hue. The product contains the 1st and 2nd leaves.
Pekoe (P). Underturned leaf tea. It consists of shorter leaves. Infusion turns darker and quickly sealed. This is a simple sheet mass containing the 3rd and 4th leaves.
Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP). The cut tea leaves with the kidneys. Infusion is strong enough, has an intense color.
FTGFOP. It is the best product. It has differences in size of solid sheets.
Dust. This is - small particles of tea, almost dust. Brewing takes place very quickly.
ST S. Main Product weight up ground and then rolled tealeaves. This granules that quickly welded, giving the infusion a very dark shade.
Seeing in the purchased package corresponding designation, it is necessary to open the pack. In case of detection of counterfeit refund of money to guarantee the rights of the consumer.

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