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How to choose skiing

How to choose skiing

Winter season with a special look forward to people who are fond of sport such as skiing.

As a rule, they are professionally dealt with as ski products and its important characteristics. Newbie can also easily get lost in a variety of models.

To make the right choice, you need to know the basic criteria that should be considered when buying skiing.



Decide on a price range. The most expensive are skiing class A. They are designed for people who have a well-supplied equipment. Ski production classes B and C is designed for the mass market. Ski Class D cheaper and easier. They are used to skiing on easy slopes and groomed slopes at a reasonable speed.


Be aware of the requirement to the length of skis: it must be at least 5.10 centimeters your height. If the skis are longer, it will be difficult to cope with them. Wide skis are ideal for loose snow, narrow well suited for ledyanistyh trails and cleared slopes. The small width (waist) skiing is ideal for making sharp turns and deep.


Note skiing deep sidecut- It affects the turning radius. To select the most easily controlled and maneuverable skiing, or look at the slalom carving models having low curved toe and high-necked. To conquer the pristine slopes are perfect freeride skis, different highly curved toe-caps and small cut.


Check the stiffness of skis. If you are a beginner, you should purchase a soft skiing, right "working" at low speeds and better shock absorbing large raised bumps. Hard skis, in contrast to the soft, walking is better on the virgin snow and soft snow, suitable for icy and hard slopes. They require the skier physical fitness and technical training. Do not forget about such a characteristic as woodcore, which helps to save ski contact with the surface after hitting the bumps, saves them manageability and reliability.

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