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How to choose a ski


How to choose a ski</a>

The winter season with a special impatience awaits people who are keen on such sports as downhill skiing.

As a rule, they professionally understand the quality of ski products and its important characteristics. The newcomer can easily get confused in the variety of models.

To make the right choice, you need to know the basic criteria that should be taken into account when buying mountain skiing.



Decide on the price category. The most expensive are mountain skiing class A. They are designed for people who have a well-established technique. Ski products of classes B and C are designed for mass consumers. Skiing D class is cheaper and easier. They are used for riding on simple routes and well-groomed slopes at a moderate speed.


Remember about the requirement for ski length: It should be 5-10 centimeters less than your height. If the skis are longer, it will be difficult to cope with them. Wide skis are ideal for loose snow, narrow ones are suitable for icy roads and cleared slopes. The small width (waist) of mountain skis is ideal for making sharp and deep turns.


Pay attention to the depth of the side cutout of the skis- it affects the turning radius. To choose easily manageable and maximally maneuverable skiing, take a closer look at slalom or carving models with a low-bended sock and a large cutout. For the conquest of untouched slopes, freeride skis are ideal, featuring a highly curved toe and a small neckline.


Check the rigidity of the skis. If you are a beginner, you should buy soft skis that correctly "work" at low speeds and better absorb large embossed irregularities. Hard skies, in contrast to soft, walking better on virgin and soft snow, suitable for ice and hard slopes. They require the skier a good physical shape and technical training. Do not forget about such a characteristic as vibration damping, which helps skis not to lose contact with the surface after blows about irregularities, keeps their controllability and reliability.

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