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How to choose skiing

How to choose skiing

Skiing ? it is rather an extreme sport, great importance which has the correct pick up equipment. When buying special emphasis on the weight of the skier, his physical fitness and aggressive skating.

Choosing skiing, you should consider the following model parameters: length (Rostovka), width, geometry, stiffness.

You will need

  • - Catalog of skiing
  • - line



Pick the right length of skis. The calculation is performed as follows:

- At 20 centimeters less than your height, if your sports training much to be desired.

- In less than 10 centimeters of growth, if you learn to ride - this is for you the principal target.


Choose the width of the ski. The narrow skis are better suited for skiing on hard, ledenistym slopes: they better behave on the turns, besides them easier to ride on rough bumpy roads. At the same time, wide skis stable, do not fall in deep snow.


Pick the geometry of skis. This term includes such parameters as the width of the toe, heel, waist in millimeters. In some cases, this concept also includes sidecut radius that is an arbitrary parameter from the geometrical characteristics of the ski. All these data indicate behaviors skiing on different routes and terrain. The size parameter, called the waist, you can identify the purpose of skiing. Skiing, which has a waist size of 68 mm, suitable for skiing on unprepared slopes for skiing on prepared trails and off-piste skiing fit with a waist of 70 - 80 mm. Mostly off-piste skiing are needed with a waist of 80 mm.


Pick the stiffness of the ski. The rigidity of skis is determined by the computer, depending on the stiffness of the toe, heel and waist. The concept? Rigidity? It implies separation into several types, such as soft (soft), medium (medium) and rigid (hard). Soft skis are suitable for driving on loose snow, and will also be useful for beginners, because it better fit into the rotation. Hard skiing though and require great effort to enter into a turn, but in and out of it stronger. In this case, usually they say that? Ski shoots ?.

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