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How to choose reusable nappies

How to choose reusable nappies

The use of diapers for small children - need.

Buying disposable products, parents are spending considerable sums.

But there is an alternative - reusable diapers that can be washed and used repeatedly.

Select simply.



Originally designated for a weightrecommended baby reusable diapers. Select required. It is necessary to pay attention to the universal size diapers. Usually, they are suitable for children weighing from 3 to 15 kg. These products are regulated by the buttons or Velcro.


See what design is reusablediaper. They are, for example, a pocket type. Such a diaper consists of two layers of fabric. The outer layer is usually made of polyester and has a spray that does not pass moisture to the outside, but allows the skin to the baby to "breathe". The inner layer can be fleece, bamboo fiber and bamboo charcoal. Recent good for sensitive skin. But fleece better pass moisture to the pad. These two layers form a pocket, where the absorbent pad is inserted.


Refills can be made of microfiber. They also come in bamboo, bamboo charcoal. As will absorb the insert depends on its thickness. Find out how many layers of it is to choose the appropriate one. If the liner is made of natural material, it can be put not in the pocket, and on top of the diaper. It does not have to be changed every time a diaper. It will be possible to replace only the liner.


There are diapers and consisting of a single layer. Such products are usually attached to the liner to the diaper using the buttons. There is also no need to change every time after using the toilet baby whole structure, attach only new, clean liner.

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