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How to choose the oil for the Japanese motorcycle

How to choose the oil for the Japanese motorcycle

Most Japanese motorcycles operated only in the summer season, the winter staying in a warm garage.

For after a long winter parking no problems with the engine, it is necessary to use high-quality oils for motorcycles.

There are many rules to help selectthe right oil to the motorcycle. One of the key - to fill in only what is recommended by the manufacturer and prescribed in the manual or in the service book manual.

Oils for old and modern motorcycles

If the motorcycle is old - 80 years of release orolder - it can "feed" and motor oil. The fact that the standards for lubricants for motorcycles began to be developed in 80 years, and many of those years, motorcycles have been designed to work with automotive oils. Moreover, many owners go exclusively on mineral oils. For older motorcycle engines with air cooling type mineral motor oil SAE 50 - ideal choice from the viewpoint of stability of the product and in terms of gain.

When changing from one oil to another, when filling poor-quality gasoline motorcycle, motor overheating or exceeding the term of the change engine oil should be washed before filling the new oil.

For a modern motorcycle should contain oilcertain additives have a certain viscosity, and be designed to operate at high temperatures and engine speeds. Motorcycle oil, as opposed to the road, less ash, neutral relative acidity and alkalinity, no adverse effects on the aluminum parts.

In Japanese motorcycle engine, gearbox,motor transmission, generator and occasionally lubricated with the same oil. Therefore, the use of low-quality oil is extremely harmful for all these units.

Most Japanese manufacturers of motorcyclesIt recommends the use of synthetic oil as they leave no soot and coke in the engine. Thus as the synthetics can be produced based on esternov and based PAO. Synthetic oil based esternov used for motorcycle racing and need to be replaced after each race. PAO-based materials have weaker protective functions, but are well suited for everyday and long-term operation.

Parameters viscosity

Also, many Japanese motoproizvoditeliprescribed in the instructions the use of low viscosity oils, well protect motorcycle engine at peak loads. However, many experts recommend the use of Russia's more viscous oils for Japanese motorcycles. More severe road and climatic conditions of our country very different from the European and Japanese. Thicker lubricants better protect the motor from overheating at high loads. This opinion is equally valid for both nizkoforsirovannyh and for highly Japanese motorcycles. When choosing a particular product, pay attention to the figures standing in the designation of viscosity standard. The first number in parentheses - the viscosity of the oil when the engine is started cold. This option is important for those who use the bike at subzero temperatures. The second digit - the viscosity of the oil at high temperatures. The higher its value, the thicker the oil.

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