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How to choose office equipment business

How to choose office equipment business

With the appearance of the first computers, printers and faxes much time has passed. Technology has become more compact and convenient, but understand it is even more difficult.

That is why many aspiring entrepreneurs are wondering how to choose the office equipment business.

There are several tips that will help greatly facilitate this task.



The most common mistake when selectingoffice equipment is that people tend to think that the high price equals high quality. In some niches, this may be so, but not in this case. In the case of office equipment for more than 30% of the price depends on the brand. Find the middle ground. Look on the Internet the cost of a particular technology, compare the price of retail and wholesale stores. Then, print the average amount with which you are willing to part and select the model on the basis of it.


Technique is updated almost daily, appearnew features and capabilities, improved speed. Therefore, to buy expensive equipment in the hope that it will serve a long time, it is not necessary. For example, if you buy today, the most powerful graphics card in six months it will be obsolete model. Relate potential with the cost. Yes, you can buy the most expensive ultrabooks with high performance. But why they are needed, if your employees will use only 15-20% of their capacity? It is better to buy a cheap netbook. They are not as powerful, but will fit perfectly for most office tasks.


Collect all yourself. Many entrepreneurs wanting to save, get ready to set. However, vendors know this and increase the cost of such equipment by 50-60%. For example, on the average power computer accessories worth 12-15 thousand rubles. The price of the solutions in the store is 22-25 thousand.

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