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How to choose a non-frost-free


How to choose a non-frost-free</a>

With the arrival of cold weather, every driver needs to purchase a quality non-freezing liquid.

When buying even such a customary product, there is always a danger of getting counterfeit and dangerous products.

In the production of counterfeit, methanol is usually used, and the appearance of a large number of counterfeits is associated with the introduction of a law that tightens the turnover of alcohol-containing products.

Let's consider the basic signs of difference of qualitative production from counterfeit.



The first thing you need to pay attention to isprice. Non-freezing liquid can not cost 60 - 120 rubles, as the production of isopropyl alcohol (the main constituent element of the non-freezing liquid) is at least 3-4 times higher.


Pay attention to the label. The date of manufacture can not be printed typographically - this is a clear sign of underground production.


Counterfeit products are packaged in low-quality packaging, the main shortcomings are always evident:
• Mixed packaging

• Defective paper from which the label is made

• Unreadable text and fuzzy images

• Foreign matter inside the bottle

• The liquid itself is opaque, which is a sign of the use of alcohol-containing waste.


Check the smell of liquid. Quality products have an unpleasant smell of isopropanol, while counterfeit, made from methanol, has a very slight smell.


The quality of the product can be checked by determining the degree of its combustion. Wet a rag with a non-freezing liquid and set it on fire if the flame is bright and not smoky, which means that you have a quality product.

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