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How to choose nezamerzayku

How to choose nezamerzayku

With the arrival of cold weather every driver there is a need to purchase high-quality antifreeze.

When buying even such a familiar product, there is always a danger of counterfeit and dangerous products.

In the production of counterfeit goods is normally used methanol, and the emergence of large number of counterfeits due to the introduction of the law toughening the turnover of alcohol-containing products.

Consider the main features of the differences of quality products from counterfeiting.



The first thing you should pay attention - thisprice. Antifreeze can cost 60 - 120 rubles, as the production of isopropyl alcohol (the main constituent element of antifreeze) at least 3-4 times higher.


Note label. The date of manufacture can not be published typographic way - this is a clear sign of underground production.


Counterfeit products are packaged in a low-quality container, the main shortcomings always catch the eye:
• Crumpled wrapping

• Poor-quality paper, which is made from label

• unreadable text and fuzzy image

• Foreign matter inside the bottle

• The very opaque liquid, which is a sign of the use of alcohol-containing waste.


Check the smell of liquid. Quality products have an unpleasant odor of isopropanol, while the counterfeit, which is produced from methanol, has a very bland flavor.


Product quality can be checked by determining the extent of its combustion. Dampen a rag with antifreeze liquid and set fire to it, if the flame is bright and smoky, so before you a quality product.

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