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How to choose a mp3-player

The market is a large selection of mp3-players, from very simple models to compact multimedia stations.

Find the desired device is not a problem.

The main thing - to decide on the purpose for which you will be using the device.



Decide on the type of player. If you only want to listen to music, you will approach the easiest mp3-player. The cheapest models even no display, and many he did not really need. If you build a playlist for a small player on the computer and know perfectly, in what order are the songs, or listen to music albums, you do not need to display. Those who loads to the player a large collection of music, and wants to be able to easily find any song in your music library, without a display can not do. Finally, someone is not enough music on your player, for which manufacturers have produced a more expensive model, which in its functionality closer to smartphones, with their help, you can view images, videos, go to the Internet, read e-books.


On the functionality of the player and the type of impactmemory usage. MP3 players with flash memory - it is a very simple device which can operate without recharging for a long time, but the memory size is usually not more than 16 GB. Hard disk drives are commonly used in multi-functional players, such devices are much more powerful, but working without charging much less. Choosing a player to capacity, consider your priorities. If you want to watch movies on the player and keep a huge collection of music - take a more capacious player, preferably with extra memory cards.


Note the supported playerformats. Even if you are only going to listen to music, you still need to make sure that the player will support the main music formats, including formats, compressing the file without quality loss, for example, FLAC.


Make sure that the player is embedded all desiredadditional functions, because some people can not do without a voice recorder, wifi or bluetooth modules, opportunities to listen to the radio, touch screen.

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