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How to choose bedding

How to choose bedding

Today and in the shops you can buy a bedunderwear of all sizes, colors and quality. Tips on how to select a picture with some bedding, we give you will not? it is a matter of personal taste, once you know their preferences.

But there are a few general tips to help you choose the right bedding.



The size. The selected set must be suitable in size to the size of the bed and pillows on which you sleep and blankets that harbor. Thus, only the standard size of pillowcases from producers from different countries can be quite different. In Russia, the most commonly used form of a square pillow with a size of 70x70 cm, in France? 65h65, and kits of the Spanish and Italian linen pillowcases are rectangular in shape with a size of 50x70 cm. Sheets of European producers often have gum, such sheets will always be neatly tucked, but iron it is not very convenient.


Colour. In part, this is also a matter of personal preference, but do not forget that the bed above all? a place for relaxation and recreation. Therefore, preference should be given in the selection of the colors, which is a calming effect on the nervous system? green or blue tones. Different shades of red, orange and bright yellow are exciting act.


Seams. From the way they are treated, too, can determine the quality of bed linen. To joints did not have spread after several washes, they are treated with a special linen or double seam, not overlock, as it happens sometimes. Pay attention to the color of the thread? conscientious manufacturers are very sensitive to this parameter and carefully selected to match their clothes.


Smell. If the laundry makes a pungent smell of paint, it testifies to the low quality of used dyes. This underwear can not only cause allergies but likely shed at the first wash. This may indicate too noticeable difference in color at the front and the reverse side of matter.


Material. Preference should be given to natural fabrics? cotton, flax or silk, they are environmentally friendly, perfectly absorb moisture and does not irritate the skin. Chintz, flannel, calico and satin? cotton varieties with different weave. Preference should give satin fabric is rather dense and silky to the touch.


The density of the weave. The greater the density? weight per unit area, the longer it will delight you selected set of clothes. The average density? 60-80 threads per 1 square centimeter, this indicator is usually indicated on the label.

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