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How to choose inverter welding

How to choose inverter welding

Traditional arc power sources, such aswelders, rectifiers, inverters and transformers, have a number of disadvantages: a large weight and dimensions, low speed, large energy consumption, a narrow range of welding parameters adjustment. Most of these deficiencies deprived welding inverters.

It remains only to choose the right unit for you.



When choosing the welding inverter payattention to protection from voltage fluctuations. domestic inverter protection level should be about 15%. Inverter for industrial purposes must be protected 25%.


A good machine must be easily removable metal housing. This allows you to effortlessly remove dust.


The inverter must be capable of operating at lowsubzero temperatures. These characteristics are specified in the technical specification of the machine, on the manufacturers' websites and in catalogs. Note that when abrupt temperature changes on the inverter boards appear condensate, which can lead to failure of the device. Work machine at a temperature below minus 15 ° C can lead to disastrous consequences for the inverter.


The device should be able to charge forbattery. Also important is the headroom. When the electrodes 3 mm purchase inverter for electrodes with a diameter of 4 mm - performance will be higher.


When choosing the welding inverter manufacturerconsider the availability of catalogs, instruction in Russian. An additional advantage is the availability of service centers. The vast number of units represented in our market Chinese manufacturers, so the presence of the certificate in this case, almost will not matter.


By the inverter disadvantages include high sensitivity to dust, which requires regular cleaning and flushing apparatus. That is why the device should be simple in construction.

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