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How to choose headphones to your computer

How to choose headphones to your computer

At the moment there is a huge range of headphones for the computer.

There are conventional models and those that are specifically designed for different needs.

Choose the right headphones for such a variety of models is problematic.

Before you proceed to the choice of headphones, decide which model you need, why and what kind of headphones are comfortable for you.



Most often, buyers pay attention to the following: the frequency range, the resistance level of noise reduction, sensitivity and, of course, comfort.


Frequency range or amplitude-frequencycharacteristic (AFC) shows the relationship between the frequency of the sound and its volume and is one of the most important criteria in the selection of headphones. AFC is represented in the form of a curve, and the smoother it is, the sound is cleaner.


Another important feature of any set of headphones? it is their resistance. And it is responsible for the power of the sound source. The higher the resistance, the more powerful spring is needed. Choosing headphones for, say, a small player, no need to buy a model with a large resistance, and even with audio playback will be a problem as background noise. And you can use any headphones for the computer.


Next headphones feature affects the maximum volume. This sensitivity is directly proportional to the volume.


The level of noise isolation headphones determines theirdesign. Canceling Headphones in this regard are better because their cups are pressed against the ears and the carrier can not hear environmental sounds. A soundproofing limps open headphones.


Convenience. This option is subjective. This is like the headphones, equipped with adjustable nosepiece, someone who likes to vacuum closed headphones, and some prefer the powerful, massive headphones everything else. Cable length and device can also be a convenience parameters.

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