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How to choose gloves for punching bag

How to choose gloves for punching bag

Gloves - an integral part of the equipment of boxers, kick boxers and athletes of other shock of martial arts.

Price spread for them is very large, making it difficult selection process, especially for a person who is just beginning his boxing career.

Criteria for selection of boxing gloves

For proper selection of gloves for pearsyou must first decide how much you're willing to pay for this equipment. It depends on the quality of the material and the brand manufacturer of gloves. After that, you can safely choose the right size and color equipment.

Type of gloves

All boxing gloves, depending on theirpurpose, can be divided into three major groups: combat, training and slug. For punching bag ideal option would snarjadnye gloves. This equipment is specially designed to work on a variety of shells - paws, pears, bags and makiwara. These gloves are thinner and weigh a fraction of the training and the fighting. They are the same structure of the fist and come in different sizes.

Buckle or Velcro

If you want the perfect gloves sittingon the wrist - choose the model with laces. Minus this equipment is that you can not her own lace. That is why the best choice for boksirovaniya on pear will become a model with Velcro.

Material of gloves

Material - another important criterion, on the basis ofwhich should be selected gloves for martial arts. Basically gloves are made from natural and artificial leather. The first option would be preferred. Models of the leather will last longer. They keep their shape and prevent sweating hands. Their only drawback - the high price.
Models leatherette quickly lose its original shape, burst and tear. Hands in this outfit sweat a lot, which can bring discomfort and distraction from the training process.

The sale can be found and combined models of gloves.

Filling gloves

Boxing gloves are filled with polyurethane, wool or horsehair. The best choice would be model with polyurethane filler, because they keep their shape well.

Color gloves

In amateur boxing gloves primary colorsThey are blue and red. Competitive models may have only data in color, with white impact surface. Color variety of gloves for punching bag does not know borders. You can easily choose a color outfit to your liking.

Weight gloves

Weight boxing gloves are measured in ounces (oz): 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. The weight of equipment may vary, depending on the nature and purpose of training. So, for the development of speed, choose the easiest option, but to increase strength endurance - models weighing 18-20 oz. Keep in mind what you're heavier - the greater the need to weigh and your gloves.

When fitting gloves use the sameprinciples that when buying shoes. Gloves should not strongly press and hang on his hand. They should be measured, pre-wound on the fist special wrist wraps.

The brand of gloves

Companies that produce reallyquality equipment for boxing, not so much, but almost all of them distinguished by its technological highlights. The popularity of the brand and the technology used affect the price of gloves. The more famous the brand, the more expensive will cost equipment. Big love among boxing gloves used by such brands like Everlast, Ringside, Rivals, Adidas, Lonsdale.

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