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How to choose fresh roses


How to choose fresh roses</a>

The time during which the roses will remain fresh, mainly depends on the variety of flowers.

However, at first glance, only a specialist is able to determine the variety.

An ordinary buyer should be guided by external signs.

What should a fresh rose look like?

The first thing you should pay attention to whenPurchase - a rosebud, or rather its foundation. If the bud at the base is dense and elastic - the flower is fresh, if it is not hard enough - it is worth looking for more.
One of the obvious signs of freshness is the so-called"Shirt" of the rose. These are sepals, petals that are located near the base of the bud. They should be directed upwards, as if to "embrace" the rosebud.
Next, you need to look at the leaves. Fresh flowers have dense leaves, bright green saturated colors. If the leaves are darkened and have already sunk - the flower is not the first freshness. A rose without leaves on the bare stem means that the seller has already cut them, because they are completely withered.
Then we look at the stem. It should be the same thickness along the entire length. If the stem is thinner toward the bud, then the rose will soon lower its head. Only flowers with a thick stem up to the bud can enjoy their freshness for more than 10 days. The length of the stem for the resistance of the rose is not affected. Roses grown in Russia often have a thin stalk, and they often retain color and aroma longer than recognized beauties with thick stems brought from Holland.

Tricks of sellers.

Do not be tempted by the price. Quality goods rarely cost cheap. No one will trade at a loss. As a rule, at a discount, what is stale in the warehouse is sold. This is especially true of such a perishable commodity as flowers. It is obvious that the rose costs 30 rubles, because the seller did not have time to sell it for 100, when it was fresh.
Strangely enough, but it is precisely stale roses that are oftenAre sold at a higher price. This is what sellers call "exclusive." Blue roses, roses with a gold or silver border are nothing but rosy roses, painted with phyto-color. They, probably, and will please with the unusualness, but osypljutsja in some hours.
Ready bouquets are better to buy only from a goodFamiliar and proven florists. Otherwise, ask to make a bouquet in your presence, as packing and decorative ornaments sometimes mask stale roses.
And one more important point: As is known, the most "corrupt" days for flower-growers are September 1, March 8 and February 14. These days roses are sold every 100 meters and cost 2-3 times more expensive than on any other day. Therefore, if you choose fresh flowers competently, you can not only rejoice in their persistence and aroma, but also decently save!

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