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How to choose fresh roses

How to choose fresh roses

The time during which the roses will remain fresh, mainly depends on the variety of colors.

However, a glance grade can only specialist.

Ordinary same buyer should focus on external features.

As fresh rose should look like?

The first thing you should pay attention atpurchase - a rosebud, or rather its base. If the bud at the base of dense and resilient - a fresh flower, if it is not hard enough - is necessary to look again.
One of the clear signs of freshness - the so-called"Shirt" roses. It sepals, petals, which are located at the base of the bud. They must be directed upwards, as it were, "embrace" rosebud.
Next you need to consider the leaves. In fresh flowers dense leaves, bright green, rich color. If the leaves have fallen and darkened - the flower is not the first freshness. A rose without leaves on a bare stem means that the seller has already cut them because they do povyali.
Then look at the stem. It should be of uniform thickness throughout its length. If the stem becomes thinner towards the bud, then rose quickly lowered his head. Only flowers with thick stems to the bud can please their freshness longer than 10 days. The length of the stem roses for resistance is not affected. Roses grown in Russia, often have a thin stem, in this case they are often longer hold the color and flavor than the recognized beauties with thick stems, brought from Holland.

Dodge sellers.

Do not be tempted by the price. A quality product is seldom cheap. No one will sell at a loss. As a rule, it is sold at a discount that unsold stock. This particularly applies to such perishable goods like flowers. Clearly, that Rose is 30 rubles, because the seller did not have to sell it for 100 when it was fresh.
Oddly enough, but it is often stale rosessold at a higher price. This is what traders call "exclusive". Blue roses, roses with gold or silver rim - not that other, as withered roses, painted fitokraskoy. They may, and will be pleased with their uniqueness, but osyplyutsya a few hours.
Ready-made bouquets better to buy only from wellfamiliar and trusted florists. Otherwise, ask for a bouquet in your presence, as packaging and decorative ornaments sometimes masked stale roses.
And another important point: As is known, the most "corrupt" days for florists - is September 1, 8 March and 14 February. In these days of roses are sold every 100 meters and are 2-3 times more expensive than any other day. Therefore, if you choose wisely and fresh flowers in advance, you can not only enjoy their firmness and flavor, but also a decent save!

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