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How to Choose an Ergoryukzak


How to Choose an Ergoryukzak</a>

Modern moms have time all: take care of the baby, husband, work. And to be mobile they are helped by all kinds of carryings for children: slings, ergorykzaki, hipsit.

After all, it is not always convenient to take a bulky stroller with you to the store or to take a walk.

Choose ergoryukzak for a child is easy.



If the baby is only 4 months old, an ergorux with an insert for the newborn is needed. Such models are not available to all manufacturers. The choice of backpacks for older boys - from 5-6 months is more wide.


Ergoryukzak should have a wide belt - a place for planting a child. Then it can be positioned correctly - in the frog's position. Yes, and for the mother load will be distributed more evenly.


Another necessary constructive feature -All fasteners and fasteners must be durable and reliable. This is important for the safety of the baby. It is good, if the fasteners are equipped with additional protection from unfastening.


For the mother will be more comfortable model with wide straps. Excellent, if inside of these details is sewn a soft and elastic material. Do not interfere with the presence of a pocket for small things and a hood for the child.


Pay attention to the material from which the carry is made. It is better to give preference to natural tissues. It can be cotton or linen.


As for the colors of ergotryks, the choice is great here. You can buy any. But it's better to combine it with your clothes.

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