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How to choose ergoryukzak

How to choose ergoryukzak

Modern moms manage everything: to care for the baby, her husband work. And help them to be mobile all kinds of carrying children: slings, ergoryukzaki, hipsity.

It is not always in a trip to the store for a walk or convenient to take with a bulky stroller.

Select ergoryukzak easy for the child.



If the kid is only 4 months needed ergoryukzak insert for newborns. Such a model is not at all producers. The choice of backpacks for the older tots - from 5-6 months is wider.


Ergoryukzak must have a zone - a place for the child landing. Then it will be possible to place the right - in a pose of a frog. And for mum load will be distributed more evenly.


Another essential design feature -all fasteners and fasteners are required to be durable and reliable. This is important for the safety of the baby. Well, if the fasteners are provided with additional protection against unfastening.


For mother is more convenient model with wide straps. Well, if these parts sewn inside the soft and elastic material. It does not interfere with the availability of pocket for small items, and a hood for children.


Note the material of construction of carrying. It is better to give preference to natural fabrics. It can be cotton or linen.


As for colors ergoryukzakov, here the choice is great. You can purchase any. But it is better that it is combined with your clothes.

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