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How to choose English courses

How to choose English courses

English - the international means of communication.

Fluency in English - it is an opportunity toread the original English-language books and watch movies without translation, eligible to work in foreign companies and expand the circle of acquaintances. One of the most common tools for learning English - courses, which are now a huge choice.

What to choose?



It is necessary to define the starting point and the finish line. Simply put, to assess the level at which you currently own language (perhaps it is zero, and you do not know the language). If your knowledge of English is limited curriculum and a certificate you got 15 years ago and then in a second language read only product names on labels, honestly evaluate this level, too, as a zero. It is also necessary to identify the ultimate goal, realistically achievable within a certain period of time, during which you are going to visit courses. You may want to "tighten" Business English for a vacation, then the short-term needs courses. If you plan to start from scratch and prepared to attend classes once a week for several months, then you will approach courses the duration of 3-6 months.


Decide for yourself whether you want toindividually, in small groups (3-5 people) or in a group of 10-12 people. Each option has its advantages, it all depends on your individual circumstances and the purpose of education.


Examine, for some programs and techniques possibletraining. It can be a complete exclusion of dialogue in Russian in the learning process, the teacher can be a native speaker (English for him - his native language). In addition to the traditional system, there are a variety of training techniques based on psychological characteristics memorization process of perception. Be careful: the unusual technique will be effective only if it works for professionals, not amateurs, who know only the name of fashion techniques.


Find out what documents you will receivecompletion of courses. The big advantage is the ability to obtain international certificates which confirm the level of English. This is especially important if you intend to qualify for a job where knowledge of a foreign language is a requirement or a significant advantage.

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