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How to choose elektroshashlychnitsy

How to choose elektroshashlychnitsy

Electric Barbecue - one of the increasingly popular devices today. This is easily explained.

After leaving the nature to barbecue akin to a small military operation: it is necessary to buy the meat, charcoal, barbecue purchase, etc.

In addition, you need to choose the right and, most importantly, allowed the place.

Yes, and plans do not always work out to fit a particular day. So the electric version, which allows you to make yourself at home barbecue - a great way out.

Just such a device should be able to choose.

Elektroshashlychnitsy itself is an integrated electrical device for thermal processing of meat. They come in several forms and is usually divided into:
- vertikalnye-
- Horizontal.

Their main difference is that the vertical fatjuice from the meat dripping in special trays below. They are easier to wash, and generally vertically cooked meat is considered more useful. The horizontal well while more convenient to install and more capacious, but on their own electric grills is more than Barbecues.

How does elektroshashlychnitsy

Vertical models look like vyyatnutycylinder. In the upper part in such devices is typically obzharochnaja chamber and heating elements. In the lower compartment is a drive which rotates the meat around the heating element. It works on a fairly simple principle. The heat that comes from the heating element heats the meat. This can usually be seen in the halls, where they cook shawarma. Then, the heat is reflected from the protective housing and heats the meat on the back side. As a result, the total comes to a complete rotation of the skewers of meat roasting.

Horizontal Barbecues have heating elements below and skewers with meat, respectively, are arranged horizontally - that is more similar to the traditional version of the cooking kebabs.

Elektroshashlychnitsy are both domestic and foreign. Vertical, usually more likely to be domestic production. Horizontal vice versa.

Experts sometimes argue that horizontal elektroshashlychnitsy - the invention of the West, because there are more accustomed to the grill. That made the device in the image.

The functionality can also elektroshashlychnitsydiffer. For example, some of them are equipped with automatic inversion, others have a timer, the third provides for automatic shutdown in the fourth - Thermal.

Specifications elektroshashlychnitsy

The main parameters that you need to payconsideration when choosing elektroshashlychnitsy - is power, size and weight of the device. Also important are the number of revolutions per minute, the temperature, capacity of the device, etc.

The only thing that all have in common elektroshashlychnitsy - this is what they are working on a network of 220 volts. Otherwise, they are different.

For example the cheapest option thatIt can only be a power of 0.7 kilowatts. In this case, you should be, no matter how long and how much meat can cook such elektroshashlychnitsy - will have to wait a very long time. If the speed and volume of the finished product are important to you, you should choose the device power not less than 2.6 kilowatts.

Experts say: do not chase after what is cheaper. As a result, you can lose much more, because elektroshashlychnitsy serve this will not last long.

Choosing the device, be sure to pay attention toIt is removable if he had any details of how they have made. Firstly, this affects the washing and care appliance. Secondly, the stainless steel to protect the device from oxidation.

Buy now be in elektroshashlychnitsyMany stores that sell home appliances. Takeoff price it high enough so that only the choice is yours. According to reviews on such devices, they pay for themselves fairly quickly.

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