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How to choose the cutlery

How to choose the cutlery

Cutlery used from birth. With the help of spoons, forks, knives becomes difficult to eat any food.

Buy them can be for everyday use and for special occasions.

Select sets or each of the objects can be separately independently.



Choose cutlery from a hygienic material, they must be of high quality, original design is welcome.


Note the fork prongs which do notshould be short. See a bend, try to click on it, have made the correct object is no strain, the teeth should be polished on the inside, making them easier to use.


Look at what the handle of the knife, it can beIt consists of a cast or monoblock (exclusive method by which the steel bar flattened certain diameter). There are models with hollow handle, in this case separate from the blade base that does not guarantee a long service life. Look at the characteristics of the device, manufacturers often make the blade of steel 13/0 or 15/0 (containing from 13% to 15% chromium), this steel cut best.


Read from a steel made blade. Untempered cheaper than tempered, but its life is less and eventually, at the slightest depression, it bends without restoring the original appearance.


Do not buy cutlery made of aluminum, themetal susceptible to oxidation, which adversely affects the health. Take the knives, forks and spoons of medical steel, their lack of one - the high price. An alternative would be a set of stainless steel. Please note that the silvery sheen of the knife indicates the addition of the nickel, which is unacceptable. Can you bring to the instrument magnet it will attract high-quality blade.


Choosing a table of silver flatware, keep inmind that a good set can not be cheap. Such knives, forks and spoons can be registered, to buy in a jewelry store individually or in a shop selling expensive cookware. The disadvantage is the complexity of care, they are easily scratched, can not be stored next to products from other metals.


Buy for daily use tablewareinstruments nickel silver. They contain copper and nickel alloy, knives, spoons and forks are often coated with silver. Such devices produced stronger than silver, their price is much lower.


Find the woodwork, if your kitchenstylized Russian hut, or you're a fan of ethnic cookware items. Wooden spoons can be used on any other cuisine, they are used for honey, with their help, food is turned or stirred in the pan during cooking. Such devices can be washed with water, with the use of detergents.


To purchase a picnic utensils made of plastic. It is convenient, has low weight and requires no maintenance. All forks and spoons must be disposed of after use, the same goes for knives.


Look at the handle of the cutlery if itmade of porcelain, it is necessary to look very carefully, because the material is very brittle. Plastic knobs can weld at high temperatures, but they are easy to wash.


Examine the surface of the device, it should besmooth, without damage. Less than the object, the shorter it is, moreover, has a smaller weight than more expensive counterparts. Forks, knives and spoons, made of poor quality material is not shining, you can bend when pressed. high quality kits are equipped with additional devices for dessert, cutting cakes, fish, serving, etc.

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