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How to choose curtains for the balcony

How to choose curtains for the balcony

Often the balcony is a separate room.

If glazed balcony, you can think about the blinds or curtains in a separate room is full.

But how to choose curtains for the balcony?

The curtains on the balcony
If you have a balcony is an extension of the kitchen, it can be customized to the porch (if space allows) or a pantry. Complement the interior of the usual curtains, which are easy to pick up.
Roman and roller blinds
These blinds are suitable for those who do not like oftenget out. They combine well with thin curtains of different fabrics. These options can be attached curtains - short and long, to enrich the design. This option is suitable for the balcony, which is connected to the living room.
Bamboo blinds
Blinds made of bamboo - an option for a balcony with a kitchen. After all, they are economical as plastic, only plastic absorbs smells. Bamboo also refresh the interior, even neutralize to some extent the different flavors. Here only with bamboo blinds often have to clean off the dust.
Japanese curtains
A good option for a balcony in the eastern style. Here are just a color, choose lighter. Suitable for balconies, connected with a kitchen, living room or bedroom.
Color selection
It is better to choose a lighter curtains, because theywill be less than bask in the sun, while the adjacent space does not suffer from the heat, it will not be obscured. It is better to choose curtains, even lighter than hang out in the room. Of tissue preferred organza or tulle.

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