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How to choose convectors

How to choose convectors

Convectors help to effectively solve the problem of heating a country house or apartment.

But we need to approach their choice thoroughly, then it will be possible to make a successful purchase.

Decide on such an important feature ofConvector as fuel. It can run on gas or electricity. Devices operating in the blue fuel is more economical. However, the need to carry out installation work, providing for their connection to the gas supply system. Heaters include enough into the socket, but be prepared for what they will consume a lot of energy. So I think that for you is more acceptable: prolonged erection and economical fuel consumption and ease of installation, and considerable costs for heating.

Selection of power and configuration of the convector

Pay attention to the power that has the convector. From it depends on heating area and heating costs.

To be sure that the electric powerconvector optimal, to make calculations based on the following: 1 sq.m. You need 100 watts. For example, if the room has an area of ​​15 m2, the device needs to 1500W for her.

If you bought an electrical appliance in the apartment,then select it with the capacity from 500 to 1500 watts. It is optimal for such dwellings. For country houses should be more powerful convectors, designed for 1600-3000 watts. When buying a gas appliance should be based on the ratio: 10 sq.m. It requires 1 kW.
Select the most optimalconvector configuration. By placing the method it can be wall-mounted, floor and versatile. Good heater refers to the latter type. It can be placed on the floor and the wall. The device subsequently can be used in every room of his house, because everywhere there is a place for him. Buying universal convector will be the right decision.

Selecting the thermostat and the convector functions

Note the characteristics of the thermostat. It is a device that is responsible for setting and maintaining the heating temperature of the heater. Well if it is equipped with special sensors which are switched on and off depending on the convector exposed settings. It is important that the thermostat had a protection against voltage surges and overheating. Then the device will last for a long time.
Decide on the features that you need. The convector can be protected from moisture and dust, a programmable timer, LCD display, wheels for easy movement around the room, and so on.

Programmable Timer is a very useful feature, which will allow convector to work optimally, saving electricity. Therefore it is better if it is equipped with a heater to be.

Select the function you need, based on their needs, as they affect the cost of the device than their smaller, so it is cheaper.

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