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How to choose clothes for a bike ride

Winter - not a hindrance

Considering options for outfits especially forcycling promenades, not for major sporting events, you can afford a bit of fashion to push the practical considerations and pick up clothes, a heating not only the body but also the soul.

Required accessories

Bicycle helmet can be replaced with capsvisor-saving tip from sunburn. Or, to put on the head of an elastic bandage, which absorbs sweat and supports hair and perfectly combined with the headphones from the player.

Special surrounding skin glasses save the girl from the black flies and dust and will not give smeared mascara. If there is no special, then you can use any plastic glasses with a slightly tinted glasses.
Cycling gloves come into everyday life on their own, without any transport. Comfortable and functional, they will protect the palm of calluses and warm in the early morning cold.

In top form, you can look elegant

Whatever be the promised day, hot orcool, cotton T-shirt with short sleeves warm, refresh, absorb sweat and do not hesitate to move. She should be knitting, not new and beautiful. Knitted textiles adapts to body curves and new clothes can bring unexpected surprises.
The whole appearance will be built around the jacket. Light and at the same time windproof windbreaker should be with an elastic band at the hips. It is on the hips and not above. When a person is bent in the saddle, all the clothes, which was up to her waist, lifted, exposing the back. Ugly and dangerous to health. The jacket should be buttoned to "zip" to the chin. This will save when the cold wind from the cold. It is desirable to have several fastening pockets. Women know what to put in them.


They can choose any length. The main thing is that they are tight-fitting in the lower leg and ankles. The most convenient for cycling are considered "Bermuda", "Capri" or elongated shorts. pants Material must be flexible, stretchable and limiting movement. sell special pants for long cycling tours with "diapers" in sportswear stores. If the trip is expected to be long, it is advisable to look at these models.

In order not to spoil the fun

Footwear should be chosen very convenient andtime-tested. For ordinary bike enough so that it does not just dumped a foot and had a flexible elastic sole. Such requirements are fully meet the good sneakers. To contact pedals require special shoes above the ankle.
It saves you from unpleasant vagaries of naturespecial waterproof cape with hood for cyclists. It is a long raincoat thin film with cut-out for the steering wheel. Lightweight, fits in your pocket cape will give rain to spoil the trip.

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