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How to choose clothes for cycling


Winter is not a hindrance</a>

Considering the options for the outfits forBicycle promenades, and not for serious sports competitions, you can let the fashion a little push back practical considerations and choose clothes that warm not only the body, but the soul.

Required Accessories

A bicycle helmet can be replaced with a capA visor that saves the nose from the sun. Or put on your head an elastic bandage that absorbs sweat, maintains your hair and perfectly combines with the headphones from the player.

Special goggles attached to the skin will save the girl from midges and dust and will not allow carcasses to smear. If there is no special, then any plastic glasses with slightly darkened glasses will do.
Bicycle gloves entered the everyday life on their own, without any transport. Comfortable and functional, they will protect your hands from calluses and warm you in the early cold morning.

In a sporty form, you can look elegant

Whatever the day is promised, hot orA cool, cotton T-shirt with a short sleeve will warm, refresh, absorb sweat and will not constrain movement. It should be knitted, not new and beautiful. Knitted textiles are adjusted to the bends of the body, and new clothes can present unexpected surprises.
All appearance will be built around the jacket. Light and at the same time windproof windbreaker should be with an elastic band on the hips. It is on the hips, not above. When a man bends in the saddle, all the clothes that were before the waist rise, revealing the back. Ugly and dangerous to health. The jacket should be fastened to the "zipper" to the chin. This will save in the cold wind from a cold. It is desirable to have several zipped pockets. Women know what to put in them.


They can be chosen of any length. The main thing is that they are tight on the shins and ankles. The most convenient for bike rides are "Bermudas", "Capri" or elongated shorts. The material of the pants must necessarily be elastic, stretchable and not restraining movement. In sportswear stores, special panties for long cycling tours with "pampers" are sold. If the walk is expected to be long, it is advisable to look at these models.

In order not to spoil the pleasure

Shoes should choose a very comfortable andTime-tested. For a conventional bicycle, it is enough that it simply does not fall off its feet and has a flexible elastic sole. These requirements are fully met by good sneakers. For pedals, special shoes are required above the ankle.
Will save from unpleasant natural whimsA special waterproof cape with a hood for cyclists. It is a long thin-film raincoat with a cutout for the steering wheel. A light, cushioned cloak will not let the rain ruin the walk.

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