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How to choose the battery charger

How to choose the battery charger

No cell phone is difficult to imagine lifemodern man? but in order to provide you with uninterrupted telephone communications and related facilities, it takes time to charge from time to time.

To do this, there are chargersMobile phones are included with each model when purchasing. Sometimes chargers supplied in the kit to the phone broken? and the buyer faces a problem of choosing a new charger.

How to find a suitable and functional charger for your phone?



To start, decide what type charger you need? passive, such as those supplied with the phone at purchase, or impulse.


The advantage of passive charger withtransformer? that it transforms the current from the power network for a cellular phone does not show the end of charging and does not understand how much is left to the end. charging time varies depending on the battery type and the novelty, and if the battery charge is too long, it can simply deteriorate. In this sense, much more convenient are the pulse chargers, which are an indicator or a timer which stop charging.


Switching devices also have disadvantages? for example, charging the battery is not fully discharged, you risk to recharge it and contribute to the reduction of battery life and performance.


There are also charged to the microprocessormanaging to prevent accidental recharging, but, in spite of their high reliability, for such cell charger is almost non-existent. Furthermore, such chargers are very expensive and not suitable for all types of batteries.


Buy a battery charger, the correspondingpower specified in the characteristics of the power required to charge your phone. Also the charger connector should fit the connector into the phone to prevent damage to the device.


If your phone supports charging fromcomputer? Use this handy function: it eliminates the danger of overcharging and maintains the battery in good condition, as well as allows you to simultaneously charge your phone and use its content through a computer interface.

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