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How to choose a child for portability

How to choose a child for portability

Often a small child my mother there is a need to go out for a short while out of the house and take the toddler with her.

If the stroller is heavy, then use it for a campaign, for example, the nearest store is inconvenient. It will help out all sorts of devices for carrying children.

It is only necessary to choose a suitable, to understand their diversity.



If the baby is not even 5 months, you'll like Sling on the rings. When using it permissible position when the child is lying, as if in a cradle. However, he firmly drawn to mom cloth sling.


To carry a child of this age can also be used sling-scarf. It is a long cloth. Here are just a sling will have to learn to tie.


For baby from 5 months, learned to sit andkeep your head, ergonomic backpack fit perfectly. There is a wide belt for the child landing. The kid will be in a position to carry the frog. This is a good prevention of dysplasia.


For the grown toddler, has learned to walk,Heaps can recommend. This kind of shelf, which is attached to the waist with the help of a parent buckles and Velcro. Toddler easily put on Heaps, and you can quickly remove it from there, if necessary. For additional safety device can be fitted with a special back.

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