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How to choose between Windows 7 and Windows XP


How to choose between Windows 7 and Windows XP</a>

With closer acquaintance with the computer, it becomes necessary to put a more progressive Windows system.

Windows 7 and XP have significant differences that a PC user should know about.

To make a choice between two systemsWindows, you need to know all the positive and negative sides of each of them. By popularity, it's difficult to single out Windows 7 or Windows XP, each of them deserves special attention due to its properties and characteristics.

Windows XP

Windows XP first appeared on the market in the spring2001. Despite the current popularity, windoWs xp did not immediately gain admirers. The first version of this system found a large number of errors that were fixed in the updates. Today, everyone knows well-running Windows XP SP3, which rarely, but steadily gives out a number of errors.
The most common problems in Windows XP are due to viruses or the use of games, complex and "heavy" loads.

"Heavy" means too much load on the iron, because of which the system flies.

Most of the errors the Windows creators team was able to solve with the help of updates. Windows XP is a good, stable system that probably will not fail at the right time.

Windows 7

Windows 7 became available to users in 2009Year. At first, this OS was perceived with hostility, most users refused it because of the huge number of errors. After a short time, about half a year, mistakes were eliminated, and Windows 7 began to gain popularity points.
The changes occurred dramatically. More vivid and beautiful became the interface, almost all functions are redesigned at the software level, but because this version of windows can be called a high-speed one. The main tree in the visual plan that is displayed for users has not changed.

The word "tree" means: folders, the main working menu, a set of hot buttons.

According to a user survey, Windows 7Leads in comparison with Windows XP. Quite a large number of people using Windows have remained faithful to Windows XP, because they do not want to change anything. Everyone who purchased a laptop after 2011 will have to put up with Windows 7, since you can not put Windows XP.
The new version of bios does not support Windows XP andWindows Vista. This innovation was made specifically, after the Windows XP updates ceased to be released and work on this OS, the Microsoft team, stopped.

Despite all the improvements to Windows 7, errors sometimes occur.

The most productive and convenient for work is Windows 7, if you want a stable job, then pay attention to this OS.

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