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How to choose between karate or judo


How to choose between karate or judo </a>

Karate and judo are Japanese martial arts,Which in the opinion of an unprepared person are not much different, so between these two areas it is difficult to make a choice. In fact, these are different systems that use different techniques.

To choose one of them, you need to decide on the purpose of studying martial art.


Karate, unlike judo, the ancient fightingThe art, which uses traditional Japanese techniques. It does not use additional tools, to fight the enemy we need only our own strength and dexterity. Karate is called a system of defense and attack, but for the second this art is more suitable. It uses blows, throws, grips and other techniques with short-term contact. It is important to apply accurate, clear, powerful blows to different parts of the body in well-designed points to neutralize the enemy.
Karate is a rather painful sport, soHow all the punches and throws will have to be experienced. It increases the strength of man and allows the maximum use of it in an attack. To demonstrate skills, not only confrontations between opponents are used, but other techniques: breaking bricks or boards. Karate - a spectacular sport, for which newcomers often choose it, not thinking about its possible shortcomings.


Judo is a modern martial art thatWas specially designed to protect in the early XX century on the basis of ju-jitsu. Judo also uses only its own forces without the use of weapons, but for another purpose - for protection. Judo techniques are significantly different from karate: these are all kinds of grips, painful moves, creases that are designed to neutralize the enemy, and not to fight it. There are no strikes in judo, and this is a big plus if you want to teach your child martial arts. Children often do not understand how much pain they inflict powerful kicks or hands, and are ready to demonstrate their skills on the peers in school or in the yard.
This combat system teaches you how to use the maximumThe strength of the enemy to send her against him. The name of this art speaks for itself - "Soft way". If karate increases power, judo is endurance and flexibility.
Judo is not a spectacular sport, it does notBeautiful poses and spectacular receptions, it is not divided into styles and schools, but the system of belts around the world is unified, and if you move to another place, you do not have to learn everything first because of the differences in techniques. Karate is represented by several schools and one has to choose one of them.
Judo, in fact, is lighter than karate: For its study fit people of any physical fitness and any age. Learning the basic protective techniques can be quite quickly, and for honing the skills of karate requires a lot of time.

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