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How to choose between Drupal and Joomla


How to choose between Drupal and Joomla</a>

To create your own news portal, an online store or a blog, it is not necessary to write the engine from scratch and devote a lot of time to learning PHP.

Instead, you can use a ready-made engine with its own set of plug-ins, templates, modules.

Having preferred this option, people in most cases choose between the most popular CMS - Joomla and Drupal.



Assess your website development experience and levelKnowledge in this field. Perhaps, already at this stage you can make a choice. Drupal is intended for advanced users who are familiar with PHP and are willing to devote a lot of time to manually configuring their site. This CMS is quite complicated, although it is still easier to use than writing a website yourself from scratch. Joomla, in contrast, is designed primarily for beginners. It's easy to work with this CMS.


Take into account your level of ownershipEnglish language. Documentation for Joomla is almost completely translated into Russian, so looking for answers to emerging questions on this CMS is fairly easy. Drupal documentation is mostly written in English, only part of the sections is translated, so some problems will have to be solved on the forums, or independently translate the corresponding sections of the help.


Decide how high the level should beSite. Drupal provides much more features than Joomla. This CMS is great for creating both business cards and sophisticated online stores with enhanced functionality. Joomla is less effective in this matter and gives less chance of implementing the original project. In general, CMS Drupal is primarily aimed at designers and programmers who use a flexible engine to create a unique, beautiful, fast download site, while Joomla is more suited to content providers who focus on filling out the pages, rather than on the originality of their design.


Pay attention to the difference in the code. Drupal has a relatively simple, clearly structured and understandable code, which the user can change if necessary, adjusting the engine for him. Joomla code is much more complicated and has more flaws, which can affect the security and speed of the site, albeit slightly. If you do not edit the code, this item is unlikely to be meaningful to you.

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