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How to choose between Drupal and Joomla

How to choose between Drupal and Joomla

To create your own news portal, online shop or blog, not necessary to write the engine from the ground up and to devote a lot of time studying PHP.

Instead, you can use a ready-made engine with its own set of plug-ins, templates, modules.

Giving preference to this option, in most cases people choose between the most popular CMS - Joomla, and Drupal.



Rate your experience level and creating websitesknowledge in the field. Perhaps, at this stage you can make a choice. Drupal is designed for advanced users who are familiar with PHP and are willing to pay a lot of time manually configuring your site. This CMS is quite complex, but to use it is still easier than writing your own website from scratch. Joomla, by contrast, is designed primarily for beginners. Working with this CMS easily.


Take into account your level ofEnglish language. Documentation for Joomla almost fully translated into Russian, so look for answers to your questions on this CMS fairly easily. Drupal documentation mostly written in English, translated only part of the partition, so the solution of some problems have to look on the forums, or independently translate the topic.


Decide how high should be the levelsite. Drupal gives you more features than Joomla. This CMS is great for creating both sites, business cards, and complex online stores with extended functionality. Joomla is less effective in this matter and gives less chance for the implementation of the original project. In general, CMS Drupal is focused primarily on designers and programmers who use a flexible engine for creating unique, beautiful, fast loading site, while Joomla is more suitable kontentschikam, emphasis is placed on content pages, not on the originality of their design.


Note the difference in the code. Drupal has a relatively simple, well-structured and understandable code, which the user can modify, if necessary, adjusting the engine for yourself. Joomla code is much more complex and has more drawbacks that may affect the safety and performance of the site, though only slightly. If you edit the code you do not, this option is unlikely to be meaningful to you.

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