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How to choose between a desktop computer and a laptop

How to choose between a desktop computer and a laptop

Electronic computers on lamps appeared in the first half of the XX century and were intended for the needs of scientists and the military.

Over time, computers entered the lives of ordinary people in two convenient formats - PC and laptop.

Why stationary computer

The big advantage of a desktop computeris its extensibility. The laptop is a kind of one-time purchase - its processor and most of the parts can not be replaced. In case of no guarantee of breakage of one of the key components (hard disk, display, motherboard) laptop repair will cost you hardly cheaper than buying a new machine. Computers quickly become obsolete: laptops is no exception. If your laptop is too slow, you will not be able to purchase high-speed unit.
These problems deprived desktop computer. If you like the latest games that require the processor speed, it is desirable to stop on a stationary PC. You can connect to the system unit large screen - this will allow you to turn your desktop computer into a complete multimedia center.

Why laptop

The advantage of a laptop is itsmobility. It is impossible to bring the desktop computer at a business meeting in a cozy cafe. Also, the laptop deprives you of the problems associated with the purchase of additional equipment. As a rule, it can be directly connected to the Internet and start using. Desktop computer also may require adjustment of the monitor, installing drivers, etc.
In case you are in the near futurewant to move to another city or to go on a tourist trip, the laptop for you is much preferable to a desktop computer. It is lighter in weight, and thus can save on transportation. Also in case of problems, you can contact directly to the service center of the manufacturer (usually stationary computers are assembled from different units).


Tablet, mobile device with a keyboard canbe much more practical for people, a lot of moving. Tablets based on Android and iOS can simplify routine operations. There are many useful applications and games for these operating systems. They are mobile, they can be easy to carry. If your home is Wi-Fi, you can freely watch on your mobile device, movies, reading books, etc.

So whether you need a computer?

The variant with the lack of any kindcomputer technology also has the right to life. I have a computer with internet access to view a movie set to communicate in social networks, surf the sites. If the line of duty you do not need to absorb large doses of information, it may make sense to protect yourself from computer addiction at least at home.

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