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How to choose between a desktop computer and a laptop


How to choose between a desktop computer and a laptop</a>

Electronic computers on lamps appeared in the first half of the XX century and were intended for the needs of scientists and military.

Over time, computers entered the life of ordinary people in two convenient formats - a personal computer and a laptop.

Why a desktop computer

The great advantage of a desktop computerIs its extensibility. The laptop is a kind of one-time purchase - its processor and most of the parts can not be replaced. In the case of non-warranty failure of one of the key nodes (hard drive, display, motherboard), laptop repair will cost you hardly cheaper than buying a new device. Computer technology quickly becomes obsolete: laptops are no exception. If your laptop becomes too slow, you can not buy a high-speed block.
These problems are deprived of a stationary computer. If you like the latest games that require the speed of the processor, it is desirable to stay on a stationary PC. You can connect a large monitor to the system unit - this will allow you to turn your stationary computer into a full-fledged multimedia center.

Why Laptop

The advantage of the laptop is itsmobility. It is impossible to bring a stationary computer to a business meeting in a cozy cafe. Also, the laptop deprives you of problems associated with the purchase of additional devices. As a rule, it can be immediately connected to the Internet and begin to use. A stationary computer may require monitor setup, driver installation, etc.
In the event that you are in the near futureGoing to move to another city or go on a tourist trip, then the laptop for you is much preferable to a stationary computer. It is lighter in weight, which means you can save on transportation. Also, in case of problems, you can contact the manufacturer's service center directly (as a rule, stationary computers are assembled from different blocks).

Alternative options

A tablet, a mobile device with a keyboard, canIt is much more practical for people who move around a lot. Tablets based on Android and iOS can simplify routine operations. For these operating systems, there are many useful applications and games. They are mobile, they can be easily carried around. If you have Wi-Fi at home, you can easily watch movies, read books, etc. on your mobile device.

Do you need a computer?

Option with the absence of any kindComputer technology also has the right to life. The presence of a computer with access to the Internet has to view a lot of movies, social networking, surfing the sites. If on duty you do not need to absorb huge amounts of information, perhaps it makes sense to protect yourself from computer dependency at least at home.

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