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How to choose avtomasla

how to choose avtomasla

Any vehicle owner wants to drive his car for a long time served.

To do this, you need to make sure that all friction parts were covered with high-quality grease.

Select avtomasla very simple today - in the sale is a wide range of products.



You do not even have to visit the service station. You can choose avtomasla and pour it into the car, the result is obvious.


Remember that to the choice should be approached verycarefully, because due to an error may occur a number of catastrophic events. These include: the emergence of intensive fouling, rapid destruction of rubber parts, jamming. It can be observed and coking diesel engines (talking about their nozzles and piston rings), there are often intense wear.


If you own a foreign car, the questionselecting a suitable oil becomes even more relevant. Today, the fleet is very diverse, there are old and brand new vehicles. Owners of old cars do not have instructions on their hands, which would be written about what oil should be used. Moreover, in selling a wide variety of oils, they have a different value. How to make a choice, what kind of oil is best suited?


Always pay attention to the characteristics avtomasla. Mineral oil and petroleum industry began to produce after it became possible to divide the oil into fractions.


Modern engines are very demandingavtomasla quality, since the engine feels great thermal and mechanical loads. In order to improve the quality of the oil, the additive is added to it. For example, to reduce the wear of friction parts allows the use of anti-wear additives.


Today the market offers a wide selectiontransmission and engine oils. Be sure to read their technical characteristics, before choosing avtomasla, only then is to make a purchase. The quality of the oil and its viscosity - the most important characteristics. Speaking of viscosity, it is worth considering the climate in which the operation of the car. Take into account the operating season.


Be sure to read the product label, onlythen it is to make a purchase. The viscosity of the oil is determined by overseas standards, it indicates as it is accepted in the SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers (USA). If the label data written letters, then you should know that the figures shown after them, characterize the viscosity. If avtomasla intended for the winter, in the notation, the letter W (winter - winter).


Let's take a closer look at the SAE J300. In this standard includes OW, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W. This winter the viscosity classes, the use of this oil ensures a cold engine start, if the air temperature is -30 ° C to + 5 ° C. In the summer in the designation letter grades are not available, only the viscosity classes 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60.


When the machine throughout the year tripsbuy seasonal oil does not make sense, it is better to choose avtomasla designed for all seasons. Look carefully labeled. Multigrade oil is indicated as follows. First listed SAE letters, then comes winter and summer rate.

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