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How to choose Audi

How to choose Audi

Unsurpassed German quality, comfort,safety and reliability - all this attracts Audi car buyers. Even during the crisis in the car sales market, the German company is still showing good results.

This is not surprising, because in the lineup there are machines that can highlight your status, mood and give the speed or to become a good friend for a large family.



If you are looking for a budget car, payfocus on the model Audi A1 and A3. Of course, the budget can be called a stretch, but it is the most affordable model in the price range up to one million rubles. With mileage these cars you can buy much cheaper. Plus, you can wait for the shares and sales, which often take place at the end of the year. C A1Sportback engine 122hp and is available with manual transmission and gearbox S tronic. This car is very dynamic and has a low fuel consumption - 5.9 liters / 100 km in the combined cycle. And for fans of "hotter" there is an option in the coupe body.


Want more solidity for little money? Look to the Audi A3 sedan. In addition to functional design and comfortable interior, this car can be called quite sporty. The configuration has declared two-liter engines and 1.8 where "horses" are already 180!


If your preference - carbusiness class, pay attention to the fifth, sixth and seventh series. At Audi the fifth series (A5 and S5) has a machine for comfort and off-road series (A6 allroud quatro).


What should I look for when buyingexpensive models? First, even a used car must be purchased from authorized dealers. So you protect yourself from theft, and most importantly - Motor upon receipt of such cars makes the diagnosis. And the car with serious technical problems did not acquire. Yes, the cost of the car in the cabin will be more expensive than a private person. But do not forget that the repair of such cars is very expensive. And most importantly, it is difficult to find a competent professional who will be able to put the "diagnosis" to your iron horse. And the main trouble lies in the fact that high-tech engines are very difficult to repair due to the fact that one part is connected with each other and have to change the unit already in general.


When you purchase, carefully you read all the problemPlaces such cars. Most Active In Audi «junk» complex electronics. The engine compression pomerte to determine its wear. After all, a "disease" refers to flow of the engine and the high consumption of oil.

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