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How to choose an aquafilter


How to choose an aquafilter</a>

Correctly selected aquafilter will become an insurmountable barrier for microorganisms and undesirable impurities that can contain tap water.

Only purified water additionally with the help of aquafilter can be considered in the full sense of drinking water.



When choosing an aquafilter, you must immediately determine,For what purposes it is bought. If you need drinking water - a filter is required running water, if the water is sufficiently cleaned of mechanical impurities - get a mechanical filter. Ideal option will be the installation in the apartment of several aquafilters - prefilter, which will purify all the water coming into the apartment from mechanical impurities and most of the chlorine, and auxiliary - a drinking filter in the kitchen, a filter to reduce the water hardness in front of the washing machine and other household appliances.


The most common drinking filter -Filter-pitcher, now it is in almost every house. If you are sure that the water quality in your aqueduct is acceptable, then you can use it, but you should not count on perfect water purification.


More advanced filters are stepped, theyConnect directly to the pipe. Two-stage filters in the first stage purify water of mechanical impurities, and the second passes through a carbon filter that absorbs chlorine, manganese, heavy metals. Three-stage filters also have an ion-exchange cartridge, which allows you to remove salt from the water and soften it.


A filter that almost completely cleansYour water from any impurities, is called reverse osmosis. Its price is high enough, but if you want to get completely safe water - choose it.


Rate not only the cost of the filter, but also the priceConsumables to it, it is from it will ultimately depend on the price of using the filter, which is determined by the cost of cleaning one liter of water.


Find out if the filter has a certificate. A good filter must have the NSF / ANSI certificate. If there is one, then the filter passed the tests in an independent laboratory and received a certain standard of purification.


The filters have different cleaning speeds, make sure that you are satisfied with this speed, otherwise you risk waiting for a glass of drinking water for an hour.

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