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How to choose and install the safe house?

How to choose and install the safe house?

Home safe - this is not a whim or extravagance, and a sure way to save not only money, but also other small scale but high-priced items.

For example, jewelry and valuables,securities, as well as potent drugs or toxic substances. This ensures that random attackers penetrated into your apartment may be sorely disappointed.

But to choose and install a high-tech device to properly.

What are the safes

Choosing to be safe based on itsneeds. Safes are divided into burglary, fire and combined, and protect against burglary and fire, they are the most expensive. Burglar-proof safes, according to Russian standards, can be divided into 12 classes - degrees of protection. The higher the class, the more reliable and safe, accordingly, is more expensive. For domestic consumption offers safes not higher protection class III. This class is determined not only by the type and complexity of the lock, which may also have a degree of reliability of A or B, but also the wall thickness. Safe reliability class I must have a minimum wall thickness of 3 mm and be fitted with a lock of class A. There are safes and nevzlomostoykie design class which is defined as 0 or H0. Rather, they are designed to protect children from curiosity.

A good and reliable safe must be equipped with a lock with protection against cutting.

Lockers also differ according to the method of installation. Mounted in recessed walls and firmly fixed by grout and rock bolts. As a rule, only their front panel has enhanced protection - on all the other sides are protected by impenetrable walls. Masking is carried out with the help of pictures, mirrors and wall paneling. If thieves try to get a safe out of the wall - will be a lot of noise. Furniture safes can be installed where you want. They are small and can be hidden anywhere, for example in a wardrobe or closet. There are models that can be fixed with the help of a reliable anchor bolts using the wall or floor. This complicates the task of the robbers, especially when you consider that the weight of the safe can be quite large.
Safes are equipped with key, mechanicalcode and electronic locks. Key locks - the most popular. Mechanical may or may not be able to change the code, the code must be changed periodically e.

To ensure trouble-free operation of the electronic safe lock, independent power supply must be provided.

How to set safe

To establish a well-built safe,it should be hollow and may, at the stage of construction to provide a special niche. On the housing must be safe is welded fittings or hinges that after the installation of poured cement grout in the space between the walls of the safe and niche.

Doing additional loops or holes to secure the safe, proceed carefully so as not to disturb his fire.

To install the safe furniture designanchor bolts required, they should be especially strong, because even a simple scrap provides tensile strength force in ton. Typically, the mounting holes are on the back or bottom of the safe, if they are not present, drill them yourself. To install the anchor, drill in the floor or in the wall of the hole and insert the sleeve when the bolt will twist, petals on the sleeve and diverge rasklinyatsya inside the hole, providing a secure hold.

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