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How to choose and buy a postoperative bandage


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If you had to undergo surgery, the postoperative bandage is your first assistant in the recovery period.

Kinds of bandages different, therefore it is necessary to be able to choose them.

Postoperative bandage is a special belt,Which is used to maintain muscles and tissues after surgery. Wearing a postoperative bandage is prescribed only by a doctor, because the use of this medical product without an appointment is capable of doing harm.
Postoperative bandages are used for:
- lifting the load from different parts of the spine-
- reducing the load on the muscles and joints-
- maintaining internal organs-
- relieving tension from the area of ​​postoperative scar, which contributes to its correct and rapid formation-
- prevention of the appearance of postoperative hernias.

Kinds of bandages

The main types of bandages for use after surgery are two: for the early postoperative period (that is, immediately after surgical treatment) and for the late recovery phase.
Early bandages help shapeRich scar, reduce pain, prevent the formation of hernias. Some of them are even equipped with antimicrobial inserts that protect against infection.
In the late postoperative period, the bandages are used to prevent overstrain of the patient's muscles during physical exertion, as well as to maintain the muscular framework.

How to choose a bandage

A specific type of bandage can be prescribed only by a doctor. But it's up to you to determine the size yourself. Usually bandages are allowed to measure, but if fitting is not possible, pay attention to the following indicators:
- Circumference of the abdomen or chest. The measurement is carried out approximately along the line where the medical device is supposed to be used.
- The width of the bandage varies depending on the location of the seam, the type of operation, and the size of the patient.
- The general rule is one: the bandage should completely cover the seam and extend beyond its boundaries by at least 1 cm.
Before buying a postoperative bandage,Evaluate its appearance. The fabric of the bandage should be elastic and soft. Well, if the fabric is cotton and elastane. The bandage should be "breathing" and absorb moisture.
Be sure to pay attention to the fasteners - theyShould not rub and pinch the skin, in general, no discomfort from them should not be, because the bandage is worn for a long time, and wearing should be as comfortable as possible.
Buy medical products in pharmacies orStores of medical equipment. Give preference to famous firms, because they cherish their name and produce high-quality goods. Listen to the advice of the attending physician: he will determine both the type of bandage and the time of wearing it.

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