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How to choose and buy the postoperative bandage

The bandage on her stomach

If you had to have surgery, then postoperative bandage - your first assistant in the recovery period.

Types of tires are different, so you need to be able to select them.

Postoperative bandage - a special belt,which is used to keep the muscles and tissues after surgery. Wearing a bandage only postoperative appointed doctor, because the use of this medical product is able to harm without an appointment.
Postoperative bandages are used for:
- Removal of the load from different departments pozvonochnika-
- Reduce the load on muscles and sustavy-
- Maintain internal organov-
- Stress relief with postoperative scar, which contributes to its proper and rapid formirovaniyu-
- Prevent post-operative hernias.

Types of tires

Basic types of bandages for use after two operations: early postoperative period (ie, immediately after surgery) and late recovery stage.
Early bandages to help the formation ofwealthy scar, reduce pain, prevent the formation of hernias. Some of them even come with antimicrobial inserts that protect against infection joining.
In the late postoperative period bandages are used to prevent overvoltage patient muscles during exercise, as well as to maintain a muscular frame.

How to choose a bandage

The specific form of the shroud may appoint a doctor. But will have to determine the size. Typically bandages are allowed to measure, but if fitting is not possible, then pay attention to the following indicators:
- Circumference of the abdomen or chest. Measurement is taken approximately along the line, where it is supposed to use a medical product.
- The width of the band varies depending on the location of the seam, the type of surgery, the patient size.
- As a general rule one: the bandage should completely cover the seam and leave at least 1 cm beyond its borders.
Before you buy a post-operative bandage,vote its kind. bandage cloth should be soft and elastic. Well, if a part of the fabric is cotton and elastane. The bandage should be "breathable" and absorb moisture.
Be sure to pay attention to fasteners - theyshould not rub the skin and jam, generally no discomfort from them should not be, because the bandage worn for a long time, and carrying should be as comfortable as possible.
Buy medical products in pharmacies ormedical equipment stores. Prefer well-known firms, because they value their name and produce high-quality goods. Listen to the advice of the attending physician: it will determine the form and the shroud, and wearing time.

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