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How to choose an inexpensive white wine

How to choose an inexpensive white wine

Wine - a drink of the gods, dry and semi-sweet white wine could cap any celebration or become an integral part of the evening for two or a modest family dinner, making it a touch of solemnity.

In choosing such a fine drink like whiteWine should be based on their own tastes and preferences, giving a leading role composition, manufacturing region, the availability of tax stamps, and not a high price tag in an expensive store, because a priori white wine has a lower price than wine, which has a reddish tint.


Contrary to popular belief that the qualityWhite wine should be crowned with a cork stopper, there is a great number of modern brands, having a screw cap or a silicone cap. This feature is not a characteristic of poor white wine, but rather represents a modern approach to the well-established tradition.

Country of Origin

It should also be remembered that many of the countries involved in winemaking, provide excellent cheap analogues well established wine brands, such, for example, are white wines
- Portugal
- Chile
- New Zealand,
- South Africa. Brands represented by these countries have less significant margin than drinks brought from the Old World, France, Germany, Italy. This fact is often explained by the composition of mono inexpensive white wines, in contrast to the complex beverage formulations, imported from Europe, since ancient times involved in winemaking.

Do not give up the domestic wines, wines of Georgia and Moldova, which, along with affordable prices, often offer excellent quality of the drink.

The freshness of white wine

Some white wines have a good tastein the fresh state, and include the name of the wine: Shiraz and Sauvignon. Worth to remember that the age of the white wine, supposedly determines its taste characteristics - this is more myth than reality. Pay close attention to the type of labels, the manufacturer's instructions (better if it is large), a specific region of harvest.

Foreign wine, endowed with the Russian-language label and incomplete information about the manufacturer, most likely spilled especially for the exporting country, and is unlikely to offer a decent quality.

Get a bottle of the classic form, notWeighted tinsel and fancy decorations. Pay attention to dry wines, they are deprived of the sweet taste, for which sometimes hides not very high-quality bouquet, preservatives and flavorings. The most popular among the inexpensive white wines, according to a special list are wines made from Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Muscat, Pinot.

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