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How to choose an external hard drive

Choosing an external hard drive depends on theseveral factors, such as how often you plan to use it, how much memory you need, whether you need a portable drive or you plan to keep it in one place, etc.

Each of these factors affect both the cost of the disk, and its type.

The capacity of the disc

Most external hard drives can hold afrom 2 GB to 4 TB of data, there are also models a volume of 8TB. To determine how much memory you need, decide what you plan to store on disk. If you are looking for a carrier to record large amounts of video, consider buying a disk capacity of 1 TB. If you need a medium for storing emails and text documents, you will approach the compact size of drives that can accommodate several gigabytes.

The data rate

The speed with which information is recordedon the hard disk, it is also very important. If you plan to use the drive for backup data recorded 1-2 times a week, you can use any external drives. If the vehicle you need for everyday use, including for writing large files, it is best to select a drive with high speed recording.
USB 2 interface.0 is still widespread, its speed is high enough, however, to write large files is preferable to use USB 3.0, which speed is much higher. The eSATA interface is even more perfect, but drives with this interface are expensive. Choosing a connection interface, note the presence of your computer corresponding connectors.


An important external hard drive selection factora method of its use and storage. If you are looking for additional, external storage device, which does not plan to move from place to place, the perfect option for you will be the big wheels in size, but can accommodate large amounts of information. They usually need their own power supply from the mains. These drives are slightly cheaper portable devices of comparable capacity.
Portable Hard have a compact size,have increased durability to protect them from falling, and does not require separate power adapters. They are most often used for frequent transfer of information from one device to another, as well as for work purposes, when all necessary information is always available at your fingertips.


Storage on an external hard driveconfidential information relating to personal data is quite dangerous, especially if the disk is often connected to various devices. If you use it for such purposes, be sure to check availability hardware data encryption. This encryption is much more secure software.

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