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How to choose an engagement ring

How to choose an engagement ring

Showcases abound in all kinds of variants of wedding rings - classical and avant-garde, smooth and machined, various shades of gold, platinum, silver, or a combination thereof.

We can only make the right choice.

According to Orthodox tradition, the wedding rings are usually worn on the ring finger of his right hand. It is believed that there is a so-called "Vienna Love", which goes to the heart of the elect.

For centuries, the wedding rings are considered a symbol of the best family traditions, loyalty and love.

There is another tradition that the groom buys the engagement ring. Currently, their range is so varied that one might wonder which option preferred.

The main selection parameters: product price

For many newlyweds crucial role played by how much the product cost. Price ranges from 1 thousand. P. to several thousand dollars. This question depends on the material possibilities of the couple.

The shape and material

The choice should be implemented on the basis of form andcomplexion of the bride finger. The girls slightly built a massive ring with inlay will look quite ridiculous. As well as the full version of the girls did not fit with narrow, inconspicuous ring. But, however, it is a matter of taste.
The choice of material, of which the ring is varied. Of the variety of platinum it is the most expensive metal, but it is a very expensive option, which does not suit everyone.

If you prefer silver jewelry in everyday life, it will be an excellent alternative to white gold rings, which are organically combined with silver products.

For centuries, the classic option consideredgold rings, do not go out of fashion. Attention is drawn to the presence of the corresponding probe from the inside of the ring. The highest gold sample - 958, but there are other options.

The design of the rings

rings design also very diverse,literally for every taste. Whether you choose a ring shape or a smooth stop on the corrugated, with or without stones, it all depends on your preferences. If the choice - ring with a stone, you need to check your compatibility with him on the zodiacal constellations. Do not recommend buying wedding rings with dark stones.

Size range. selection Rules

When choosing a ring it is important not to be mistaken with the size. It is necessary to take into account seasonal features of the size of the fingers: fingers in the summer are slightly larger in size than in the winter. However, as during the day, the size may vary slightly.

In any case, do not rush with the choice of such aimportant product that will carry you through the whole happy family life. Listen to the opinion of the second half, and his heart, so it will be easier to choose a ring that looks the most impressive, emphasizing your individuality and style.

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