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How to choose an electric meat grinder


Not everyone is satisfied with the quality of the meat, which is sold in the store, and many people like to make mincemeat home.

For the process to twist meat does not take much time and effort, outdated manual meat grinder is better to prefer a modern electricity.



Important in electric meat grinder? its power, because it is a low power of the motors of the first electric meat grinders was the stumbling block for many cooks to forget about manual twist meat. The first models had low capacity and can not cope with the frozen or stringy meat. Therefore, choosing a grinder, opt for the more powerful models? machines, 1,400-watt is not difficult to twist 2-2.5 kg of meat per minute.


By mincing size depends not onlyhow much it will nicely fit into your kitchen interior, but also easy to work with it. Electric grinder differ not only in design but also in height. At the height of the dishes compact models for collecting stuffing is only 10-12cm, and in this capacity is not fit too much processed meat. At a height of dishes dimensional models for stuffing can be up to 17cm, which is an advantage in choosing an electric meat grinder for processing large quantities of meat.


Just like in the familiar hand-grinder atelectric models have blades, grilles and special nozzles. The quality of the blades depends on how well the chopper will handle the fibers and tendons, and how often you have to disassemble the grinder to clean. From the size of the holes in the grid depends on the consistency of meat, so it's worth thinking about to the set includes several gratings with different diameter holes. If the model is equipped with a nozzle? Kubbe ?, it's easy to cook hot dogs, sausages or sausage.


In addition to its direct responsibilities for the preparation ofminced modern Grinder can partially replace a food processor. Using additional nozzle grinder can serve as graters, mills for grain, bread machine, juicer and citrus press for.

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