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How to choose an apartment


The real estate market has always been saturated with offers of purchase and sale of residential areas.

But since for many of us buyingReal estate, in particular apartments, determines the level and comfort of the residents living in it, for many years to come, in order to choose an apartment you need to carefully and seriously prepare.

To begin with, we will figure out the options for the proposed residential areas:

1. Secondary housing & ndash- is a property that previously had owners. In general, houses with such apartments were built during the times of the USSR and, therefore, have many shortcomings in comparison with new buildings, for example:

  • This type of real estate has long since expired, which often speaks of malfunctions of the roof, water pipe, elevators, window blocks, heating system, etc.
  • The residential area of ​​this type, as a rule, does not differ in size and in good planning.
  • Repair of such apartments, made by previous owners, often does not always appeal to new owners, due to increased costs for dismantling unsuitable design solutions.

2. Primary housing & ndash- this is a new housing, which has a number of advantages over the secondary real estate market, such as:

& Nbsp-spacious living area.

  • New double-glazed windows, bathrooms, and a heating system equipped with special thermostats, allowing you to set a suitable air temperature.
  • The possibility of choosing an appropriate layout.
  • High-quality building materials and interior finishing works.

From the foregoing, it can be concluded thatThe primary real estate market & ndash- is more attractive than the secondary and most importantly, that the price for old and new apartments is almost the same, therefore it is better to stop your choice on apartments from new buildings.

If you want to choose an apartment from new houses,You should not contact intermediaries or real estate agencies, it is better to contact the developer directly, which will allow you to purchase an apartment at an optimal price without extra surcharges and interest.

If the type of housing is already defined & ndash- you need to orient, what to focus on when choosing an apartment from new buildings:

  • It is desirable that the new house would not be located near the road, and the windows of your apartment would go out into the yard to avoid noise and dust.
  • The house in which you want to buy an apartment must be brick or monolithic-brick, which makes it possible without too much difficulty to reschedule the arrangement of rooms and even windows.
  • The apartment should not be far from public transport, kindergarten, school, supermarket, etc.
  • The house in which you want to buy an apartment must, is, away from manufacturing and processing enterprises and near the green zone.
  • In the courtyard of the house there must be a playground and a parking lot.
  • The floor on which you intend to purchaseHousing, must correspond to the age category and the physical preparation of future tenants of the apartment (the most expensive floors are the 3rd and 4th, the cheapest - the 1st and the last).
  • It is desirable that the elevator shaft and the flight of stairs are in the same entrance.
  • Going into the apartment you are looking forBuy, pay attention to the quality of installation of window blocks and doors (there are no cracks in the cases and between the shell and the wall), as well as the evenness of the walls, ceilings and floor.
  • Pay attention to the wiring & ndash; each outlet must be in working order.
  • You must check the operation of the water supply, sewerage, etc.
  • You also need to ask the developer for the projectCertificate for the materials that were used in the finishing works, a certificate for window and door blocks and toilets that are in your future apartment. & Nbsp-

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