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How to choose an antivirus

How to choose an antivirus

Modern computer is constantly exposed to the threat of viruses. In order to prevent this, it requires special software - anti-virus software.

Another problem - it is choosing the right anti-virus program.

antivirus Functionality

Any anti-virus product is a,first of all, a scanner for detecting malware and anti-virus signature database. The later this base, the stronger the security. The basic set of functions can be added to different types of built-in scanner, the presence of isolated quarantine on the hard drive, and more. If the list of actions performed on the computer is quite small (the printout of documents, online chats, etc.), then fit the easiest antivirus (Avast !, AVG, etc.). If a person is actively uses the network, download files, and so on, then it will need more functional antivirus. Those Avast! or AVG have great potential even in the free version.

The built-in firewall

Many packages have anti-virus protectionfirewall options. This kind of antivirus software can protect your computer from network attacks, Trojans and other online threats. Firewalls are constantly monitoring all programs which are somehow connected to the Internet. A bunch of antivirus and firewall has high efficiency compared to conventional Antivirus. Using comprehensive protection package is justified if the computer is actively used by several people, who have different needs. This is a family computer. The most well-known programs of this level is the Kaspersky Internet Security and Dr.Web.

Paid and Free Antivirus

Antivirus with any set of options can be bothpaid and free. There were no significant differences between them, and if they are, refer to the technical support, the availability of additional scanners, etc. The free software can sometimes pop up advertising messages, the acquisition offers paid versions, and more. If it does not confuse the user, it can safely use free antivirus software. The best of them are considered to AVG, Avast !, Comodo Internet Security.
The cost of a paid anti-virus varies depending on how long purchased the license for its use. It may be, and one week, and not one year.

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