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How to choose an antihistamine


How to choose an antihistamine</a>

The correct choice of an antihistamineAllows you to permanently get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of allergies, prevent the appearance of allergic reactions and cope with the many associated with the occurrence of allergy diseases.

Despite the huge variety of this type of drugs on the shelves of modern pharmacies, it is not so difficult to choose the most suitable and really good antihistamine.

Antihistamines of the first generation

The effectiveness of antihistamines firstGeneration in the presence of already developed pronounced manifestations of allergy is low. However, even this circumstance does not affect the popularity of their use. Antihistamines of the first generation are mandatory components of many complex drugs aimed at treating colds and improving the effectiveness of local anesthetic drugs.

An essential drawback of antihistamines of the first generation is the presence of such side effects as drowsiness.

As an independent drugThey are used most often to eliminate discomfort and pain with burns, insect bites, minor injuries and cuts. They are actively used to alleviate the condition of people susceptible to motion sickness in transport and seasickness. The use of first-generation antihistamines can prevent the emergence of episodic seasonal allergic reactions, eliminate the development of food and drug allergies, and also eliminate symptoms of hives, Quincke's edema and anaphylactic shock.
The most popular and effective antihistamines of the first generation are: Suprastin, Tavegil, Diazolin, Fenistil and Dimedrol.

Second-generation antihistamines

Antihistamines of the second generation, suchAs "Ketotifen" and its analogues, are prescribed by doctors extremely rarely and are used most often for the treatment of such diseases as bronchial asthma and atopic dermatitis. Most doctors are trying to replace the drugs of this group with antihistamines of the third generation.

Antihistamines of the third generation

According to experts and reviewsPatients, antihistamines of the third generation are deprived of many drawbacks available in the first and second generation drugs, so they can be used both for the prevention of allergic reactions and for long-term treatment of allergies.

The most important advantage of antihistamines of the third generation is the absence of side effects from the nervous system.

Most often, antihistamines of the thirdGenerations are used to treat bronchial asthma, chronic and contact dermatitis, urticaria, pollinosis and autoimmune diseases. Also, experts recommend using third generation antihistamines to people whose important role in the professional activity is played by concentration of attention, clarity of thinking and quick reaction.
The most popular antihistamines in this group are: Claritin, Kestin, Zirtek, Allergodil, Telfast and Levobastin.

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