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How to choose an anti-dust

How to choose an anti-dust

The desire to live in a clean - a natural human desire. Dust control many housewives are every day, because she quickly settles on furniture, it accumulates in all corners of the house.

Today there are many tools to simplify the process of cleaning, how to choose the most effective ones?

Cleaning the house is considered the main and dailytask of each family. Dust has the ability to appear out of nowhere. The fight against it is in the first place when cleaning each room. cleaning procedure takes a considerable amount of time and effort, so you want to make the fruits of effort maintained as long as possible. What to do?

The most effective means to combat dust

The most popular means of dust is,perhaps wet cleaning. Accumulated dust can be removed manually, but an obstacle to its subsidence can be a humidifier. With these current devices may not only improve the atmosphere in the room, but the dust particles and neutralization.

After wet cleaning the air becomes significantly cleaner, it is noticeable, because breathing becomes much easier.

In the summer of open windows penetrates much moredust, so wet cleaning should be carried out as often as possible, it is better every day. To clean the furniture from dust, you can use a brush or a broom, but in order to avoid massive accumulations of dust between the fibers is required to use specialized equipment.
In the fight against dust often focusonly on horizontal surfaces, while the walls remain unaddressed. Meanwhile, the formation of the ceiling cobwebs - the inevitable phenomenon, and it is necessary to deal with it.

The best way to remove dust

In order to maintain optimum air purityat least twice a month should be carried out a complete cleaning of the apartment. Cleaning hard to reach places, usually it involves the use of a vacuum cleaner. Modern models have a lot of attachments, with the help of which it is possible to remove the dust from the upholstered furniture and baseboards.

Various spray against dust will be good at cleaning dark varnished surfaces.

Cleaning the dust in the room suggests washing floors. Even if you have a very powerful vacuum cleaner, it can not clean the smooth surfaces of very fine dust microparticles. The shops sell a variety of means for effective purification of flooring.
In addition, one of the main strongholds of dustplinths are, they should be cleaned with a damp cloth is necessary. The same applies to furniture and smooth. you should use a cloth microfiber To cleanse such surfaces. To avoid stains on the furniture purification procedure can be completed finish wiping with a dry cloth.

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