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CHOOSE air conditioning (Part 1: The type of air conditioner)

Choose conditioner (Part 1: The type of air conditioner)

Approaching the summer season.

And so it would be desirable to cool the house was blessed, not hellish inferno.

This will help air conditioning.

But the question is, what kind of conditioner you choose?

According to the principle of air conditioners can design theirdivided into monobloc air conditioners and split systems. It includes monobloc windows and mobile. The entire structure of the air conditioner is in the same block. Split-system consists of two blocks.

Window air conditioners

Window air conditioners are installed directly in the box. Many housewives hanging this air conditioner in the kitchen, use it instead of drawing. Still an advantage of this type of air conditioners include a relatively inexpensive price.

Unfortunately, the disadvantages of this type have a muchmore. This air conditioner can not be embedded in the plastic window (unless specifically ordered by the window air conditioner), has a high noise level. You can not have in front of him was something, and even curtains would interfere with the air conditioner full, that is, in addition to reducing the coverage area (because it takes no less than one third of the window) is also reduced and the useful area in the form of a window sill.

Mobile air conditioners

Unlike such a pleasant ear titlemobile can be called a very arbitrary. But this is the only air-conditioning, which, if desired, can be set independently. In mobile air conditioning capacity up to 3 kW only need to bring a flexible hose to remove the warm air to bring the street (as an option, in the window). If the power from 3 up to 4 kW, while the situation is a little more complicated. There will have to be installed outside the external unit with a fan, which must be connected to the main unit of mobile air conditioning.

This type is too loud. However, unlike the previous one, it is not cheap. Yet do not forget to pour the accumulated condensation inside, otherwise air conditioning just turned off.


Split at the moment is the mostcommon type of air conditioners. The difference of a split system air conditioners from one-piece lies in the fact that the compressor unit is installed on the outside and the indoor unit is fixed in an apartment in any place convenient for you. The great advantage of this type is that it is not noisy.

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