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How to choose accessories in the style vamp

How to choose accessories in the style vamp

The contrast image of a vamp style is increasingly becoming relevant in our time. Style has a bright rock colors that are associated with passionate and strong nature.

Choose accessories to dress this type is very simple, the main thing - remember the basic rules of a vamp style.



Shoes in the style vamp should be easy and elegant. Most often it is the simple bamboo sandals bright colors that are easy open top. Latest and high-heeled shoes. Avoid bulky and heavy shoes.


Girls who love to dress in the style vamp, often prefer not voluminous black clutch or simple suede handbag small size.


Pick jewelry that will lookIdeally your way. Try to focus on silver or gold. Do not overload yourself or your style will lose its individuality and you easily turn from a vamp in baraholschitsu.


Focuses on the clothes, rather than individual items. Choose bright colors of their outfits: red, burgundy, gold, black, and combine them with accessories of the same color.

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