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How to choose a yo-yo

A simple-looking toy, the yo-yo, is not so easy to choose. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the configuration of the bearing size, the width of the gap, the type of material, the quality of the brake system.

Certain characteristics of the yo-yo suitable for a particular style of play, so before buying should decide what kind of tricks you perform.

Material yoyo

Yo-yos made of plastic, metal andcomposite materials. Plastic yo-yo the cheapest, they are suitable for children and beginners. Due to their low weight and easier to manage in the beginning of training. On the other hand, it is impossible to do tricks complex with them. Plastic yo-yo fast will break down, but it does not matter, because their price is very low.
The design of composite yoyo addition to plasticIt contains a metal rim, through which the yo-yo has the best inertial properties. Many professionals prefer composite yo-yo.
Metal yo-yos are more expensive. They are usually made of aluminum. With their help, you can do the most difficult tricks, they can be twisted more than 3 minutes.

The form of the yo-yo

Imperial and butterfly - two basic forms of the yo-yo. Models in the shape of a butterfly is selected if the want to make long unwinding tricks with strong ropes. Imperial is good for looping - the style in which it is not necessary in the rotation of the yo-yo at the end of the rope.

There are collapsible and non-collapsible yo-yo. The latter is easier to clean and lubricated, so they last longer able to operate.


Gap - the gap between the halves of the yo-yo, which hewider, the more protracted tricks might do with a toy, as decreases the risk zazhevyvaniya rope. The narrow gap gives the yo-yo a better return. In some models, the yo-yo is possible to adjust the width of the gap, adjusting it to a specific trick.


From the quality of the bearing it depends on the time slip, thenhas a duration of free rotation of the yo-yo at the end of the rope. Bearings for the yo-yo is divided into three categories: A - weak bearings, designed for looping, while free rotation of the yo-yo with these bearings neveliko- C - medium bearings are equally good job and looping, and with prolonged tryukami- the D - large bearings, they provide maximum slip and suitable for very protracted tricks.

For starters, players will approach the yo-yo to bearings with a special groove - such yo-yo is easier to manage.

Brake system

Brakes - element yo-yo, thanks to which the player is able to return the toy in his hand. The better the braking system, the easier it is to control the yo-yo.
Cheap models are usually equipped with a braking systemwith teeth, which is not very sensitive to the actions of the player. More expensive models are equipped with a brake system in the form of rubber rings. Sometimes it is used as a brake liquid silicone.

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