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How to choose the right yarn


Manufacturers at the moment offer a huge selection of various yarns for every taste and color.

But how do you choose a good yarn, so that it has pleased not only as a finished product, but also in the process of knitting.



Twist. If the yarn is tightly twisted thread, it is not suitable for knitting. The web may become distorted or become rigid. This yarn is perfect for crochet.


Elasticity. The strength and elasticity of the thread - it is inseparable things from each other. Pull the thread several times. If the thread starts to break even at low tension, do not buy this yarn. But if you bought it, add to it a more solid yarn structure.


color strength. If you have decided to tie the strips or patterns of colored yarn, check to see if it sheds. To do this, soak a cut water and wrapping a white cloth, iron it hot iron. If it does not paint left, you can safely begin to knit.


The evenness of the thread. Look good skein it for any bulges and thin sections of the thread. Unfortunately, this yarn can be knit only relief patterns. it does not fit to lace knitting.

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