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How to choose a wooden door


How to choose a wooden door</a>

The interior door should not only please the eye, but also fulfill its immediate function.

For this, it must be not only stylish and beautiful, but also of high quality.

Buy this is very difficult and it turns out not everyone.



Pay attention to the material from whichThe door is made. The most reliable and durable is the oak tree, which is able to retain its appearance not just for several years, but for a couple of centuries (under the right conditions and good care). This property of oak doors is known for a long time, therefore such material is most often used.


Go to the surface check. This should rely on your tactile sensations. Spend your palm over the surface: a real and high-quality door should be perfectly smooth, without any chips, cracks or roughness. The strength of the varnish can be checked with the help of a nail, a good covering you are unlikely to damage, but the poor can easily be torn off even with a little effort.


Then, as carefully and carefully as possibleExamine the door. The texture of the tree should be preserved, and the color - will please with its naturalness and uniformity. If during the inspection you found that in some places the paint looks cloudy and uneven, it means that the manufacturer tried to hide some defects.


Remember that if you want the doorStood as long as possible, then when you buy it, you need to check its geometry. Roulette will help you in this. It is easiest to measure the distance from one corner to the other diagonally. The difference between the two results should not be more than 1 millimeter, otherwise in a few years instead of an even rectangle you can find a parallelogram that is unlikely to be able to perform its functions.


In the event that the door has an insert ofGlass, check it. The glass, which is tightly fixed when assembling the door, should not rattlethe if you slightly shake it. In addition, it should not have any stains or divorces, otherwise there is a risk that you will not be able to clean them.

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