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How to choose a wiring

How to choose a wiring

Any wiring may eventually come into disrepair.

Immediately raises the question of replacing the electrical wiring. In this issue you need to be especially careful.

The fact that the slightest error can turn into major problems.



In the first phase Think about where and how many sockets and switches you want to install. Also think about what they will eat from, that is what appliances are powered by them.


Once you have clearly defined withplacement and types of electrical appliances, proceed to the calculation of the total load to be consumed by them. For this purpose, it is best to use a regular calculator.


Think how many supply lines youis indoors. For example, in each room to be a separate line, which does not depend on other rooms. In this situation, at the idle voltage in one room, all the rest will be light. This is much more convenient than having one common machine at the apartment.


It is recommended to separate lines in the householdDevices that are in the bathroom. The fact that they consume a lot of electricity. If, however changeable moderate load, a common line can be carried out for them.


So, you have successfully completed the count. For example, you have a total of 4500 turned watts. They are designed for three lines: 2000 W, 1800 W, 700 watts.


Next, enjoy a selection of wires requiredsection. In this case, you need to be especially careful. Currently available copper wires which have a reduced value of the wire section. They are called "truncated wires." On top of the insulation is written, for example, or 3x1.5 3H2,5, but in fact the real cross-section of 1.2 ... 3X1 or 3H1,6 ... 2 mm ?. This wire will be very warm during normal calculated loads. The problem is that the current which passes through such wires, as there is a greater than expected. The lower section of the wire, the lower the load hook to it need to be connected. Also note the condition of the outer wires.

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