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How to choose winter stroller

How to choose a winter stroller

Before winter gets many moms is an important question: on which roll the baby in the snow. And if the 3-hletok for that perfect sled or snow-cats, for the very young need transportation seriously - stroller.

And besides, one that easily overcomes snowdrifts, unpeeled roads and ice.

For Russian winters

His choice stroller start withan objective assessment of the weather conditions in your area, and integrity of the work of municipal services of the city. There is a big difference on a wheelchair to roll the child on the pavement in zero weather or on snow-covered streets in the cold. Start to consider a stroller with pleasure seat or bassinet.
Newborn baby from 0 to 6-8 months bettercarry in the cradle. It has a rigid anatomical, ventilated bottom. Deep hood protects baby from the wind and snow. Nowhere side crib is not blown, and the top cover is closed child. Inside the carriage, you can put a fur envelope, so in the winter, choose as large a cradle.

Child sitting in a wheelchair, you should always wear seat belts. Kids can so quickly fall out of the seat, you do not have time to react.

pleasure option

Kids older than 6-8 months may already be sitting incarriage to explore the world. Then the cradle can be uncomfortable and dangerous for them. Therefore, for such children need a stroller seat unit. On such wheelchairs seat has several provisions of the backrest and seat belts. What is important in the winter - a large hood, which can protect the baby from the snow and strong winds. Ideally, it should have several sections and down to the middle of the seat or stroller to bumper.
Seat belts must have controltension to be able to extend their planting in heavy winter baby overalls. Good warm option - seating with covers on the feet. If there is no cover, put on a special seat warm envelope with a zipper.

For warmth in the carriage can be put merino lamb skins. It has the property to maintain thermobalance.


Himself should undergo scrutinywheel stroller and amortization. If you live in a city where the streets are cleaned thoroughly before the asphalt, and do not plan to walk the park, you can buy a stroller with small wheels. For the rest of patency should be the most important selection criterion.
Large diameter wheels better to pass on the snow andsnow mud. Now, there are models with inflatable wheels (Bumbleride, Valco Baby), which can be pumped up before the start of the season. There is wheelchair with wide wheels, which provide stability on rough roads (Teutonia, Emmaljunga). But fashion is now wheelchair with small front wheels in the winter you can take. It's a beautiful summer version, stroller with swivel front wheels are more maneuverable and lighter in weight. But in the snow on them it is very easy to get stuck.
The carriages, too, the principle of "frontdrive ", ie driving wheels pulled by a hind. The same applies to the three-wheeled models. The front wheel can "sag" on large bumps and you have to hold the balance of power wheelchairs. Some manufacturers began to produce special winter accessories, including replacement and winter wheels (Hartan, Bugaboo), which transform an ordinary stroller in a real SUV.

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